The U.S. Army’s Tank-Destroyers Weren’t the Failure History Has Made Them Out to Be
War Is Boring

That shot down the Champs Elysées apparently did not destroy the Panther. In the photo it is sitting in the southeast corner of the Place and would not have been visible from the Champs Elysées from even 100 meters to the west. According to the gunner of the M10 [1] his commander misjudged the distance as 1500 meters but he knew that the distance between was actually 1800 meters and so made the correction himself. The Panther was hit but it apparently was able to move as it came to rest closer to the Quai des Tuileries. A Free French Sherman had entered the square from Rue Rivoli. Its commander, Sgt Bizien,[2] saw that the Panther was engaging another Sherman attempting to enter from Champs Elysées. His crew rammed the Panther, but Bizien was killed by small arms fire.

[1] (in comments)

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