Reach Out — To The Blue Ocean of Opportunities

What is a Business Model?

Business Model (BM) is how a business structures and executes its activities. Multi-billion corporations have a BM; so does a freelancing consultant.

BM is all encompassing and includes the products, the customers, the technology, the method of financing, how the products are delivered, internal processes…

The path is smooth, the sky bright

But I am in the past, I am in the future

Tree-lined avenue, giving cool shadow

But I am busy, recycling memories

Birds chirping, conversing with me

But I am looping, past conversations

The nature is divine, divinity itself alongside me

Unseen, protecting

Watching, guiding, caring

But I am not in the moment, I am unaware

I still worry, I still cannot surrender

I still carry an umbrella

Waiting for the rain, waiting for the storm

As if it is me, who is in control

Why an article on SWOT Analysis?

Almost everyone, in the field of any business, have done a SWOT analysis either for their organization or for themselves at least once, and most probably, several times. So why an article on such a well-known and frequently used topic?

You may have noticed…

Subramanian Venkataraman

I am a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (India) and a Business Strategy Advisor at

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