My journey with LeanGains starts now

So, today is September 14 2017, two days ago I’ve started an experiment with intermediate fasting or lifting-oriented version of it called LeanGains. I’ll have a 8-hour eating window a day and 16-hour fasting window, my goal is to cut from app. 20% of bodyfat to somewhere <10%.

Now my weight stands on 104 kg, I look like bloated piece of shit despite being huge in other people standarts. Also, I have hopes that bodyfat percentage drop will show me how actually attractive I am, cause my face will become leaner too.

So far so good, being two days on this routine as I write this text, I’m feeling hunger. Other people who’ve tried this routine, said that it’ll take around one or two weeks to get used to it. So, I’ll give up soon or in three months I’ll see a new myself.


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