Why Use Coconut Oil For Shaving Facial Hair?

Most men use commercial shaving products like gels and creams to remove facial hair. However, such products often cause burns and bumps, which can be prevented by using coconut oil as an alternative.

In St. Albert and several other places in Alberta, many beauty salons utilize coconut oil as an active and prominent ingredient of their shaving service. Contrary to popular belief, a wide range of benefits can be reaped by shaving with coconut oil, including less likeliness of developing razor burns and annoying bumps. It is a far better alternative to hot wax and chemical hair removing products that can have side effects.

A typical men’s hot shave service generally involves usage of coconut oil because it helps to keep the skin moisturized all throughout for a smooth shaving experience. Commercial products like creams and gels generally dry the skin up and the alcohol contained in them also causes irritation. For those with extra-sensitive skin, using commercial shaving products is not a very good idea because it can lead to various skin problems. Instead, using coconut oil can not only allow to remove facial hair without any irritation, but also soften the sensitive areas of the skin,

As has been mentioned, coconut oil can also reduce the chances of getting razor burns and bumps, which generally occur due to using a dull razor or chemicals contained in the shaving products. The bumps develop in areas where inflamed skin has accidentally got removed by the razor, leading to stinging abrasions. Due to lubricative property, coconut oil allows the razor to slide smoothly without causing any cuts or inflammation, which is a relief for men with acne or moles.

Coconut oil also ensures a true close-shave experience unlike commercial products, that is, without any irritation. Since the skin gets moisturized and lubricated, the razor is able to cut facial hair very close to the skin without any accidental wounds. Also, the shave often lasts relatively longer than a traditional one done using shaving gel.

Besides the skin benefits, coconut oil is commercially advantageous to use for a shaving service. Rather than accumulating on the razor, it actually helps to clean the blade because any hair comes off easily and the lubricative cutting edge also does not wear away quickly. As such, a simple rinse-off with water is enough to clean the blades.

So, it is evident from the above mentioned facts that coconut oil can provide a plethora of advantages when it comes to shaving. Not only can it prevent skin burns, bumps and rashes, but also helps to cut closer to the skin.