5 Things I Wish I Knew At 18 That Will Make You Successful

Success is a journey of learning through experience; failing many times while taking every lesson you can from each situation. 
The key is that you do not need to learn every lesson through your own experience!

Mentors are powerful tools to help you avoid making unnecessary mistakes!

Within this article I want to share with you 5 things I wish I knew at 18 that will make you successful

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Teenage years was a scary time for me; a time filled with confusion, anxiety and frustration. 
You may have had the same experience of feeling lost, as during this time you are searching for your place in the world to make an impact!

I see young people suffering from the same problems even now because they are lacking guidance!

Whether you are 18 and looking for lessons you can use to avoid making my mistakes or whether you are 30 and want a reminder of key lessons, I want to share with you 5 things I wish I knew at 18 that will make you successful!

Choose your friends wisely!

I made very poor choices when I was 18, one of the worst of those choices being my closest friends.

My parents always told me if you hang around with the wrong people you will get yourself in trouble; being a rebellious teenager, I did not want to hear it! 
I believed I was completely independent from outside influences!

You must understand that you are unique but the idea of separation is an illusion! 
Your personality is made from a mixture of your DNA; your environment, what you watch and listen to and who you spend the most time with, mainly your friends.

You cannot choose your family but you can choose your friends, which is an important decision.

My friends led me into a life of crime, drugs and violence! 
I blame myself as I am responsible for who I choose as friends and the actions I take, but you have to understand that your influences are extremely powerful!

3 things you should keep in mind when choosing influential friends!

  • 3 Levels Of Friendship 
    You should have 3 levels of friendship; friends who are older than you, sharing with you their wisdom gained through experience, friends the same age as you who are on your same level walking a similar path and friends who are younger than you, allowing you to share your wisdom and experience!
  • Birds Of A Feather Flock Together 
    People who are walking a similar path will always find each other; if you want to be successful then you must find friends who are also looking to achieve success! 
    You having a circle of drug addict friends and achieving great success is next to impossible. 
    Understand that drug addicts all spend time together, prostitutes all spend time together and successful people also spend time together. 
    Lions prowl with lions for a reason; they see the world through the same eyes!
  • Look For Value
    Many people will tell you that you should not be thinking about the value you can gain when choosing friends! 
    I disagree! 
    Friends can build strong long-lasting relationships through reciprocal value. 
    Find ways to offer value to your friends and potential friends and look for ways they can offer you value in return, true friends will be happy to share complimentary skills!

Do What You Love

My parents always told me I need qualifications to get a good job. 
The idea was that I would study; obtain these qualifications, get a good job and retire with a pension…there was only one problem! 
That life sounded like a living nightmare!

Finding your passion is often difficult, but the sooner you can identify your passions the more time you have to make them a success!

Clarifying your passions is all about doing what you love. 
Understand you will be working for a long time, so find something that you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life!

Begin to picture how you want to be spending each day and work towards making that future a reality!

People will tell you that you cannot make money doing what you love or you should not turn your hobby into work! 
These people are usually not happy with their own life and are intent on convincing you their way is the only way!

Break free from the herd mentality by finding what you love and transforming it into not just a career, but a lifestyle!

Find A Mentor

I believed that I knew everything at 18 and this mentality caused me to make many unnecessary mistakes.

The mentality that you know nothing allows you to open your mind to possibilities that could help you to learn faster.

A mentor can guide you along your chosen path while showing you the potential challenges you will face, which will help you to quickly attain success! 
Many of the mistakes you make in life are ones you could have avoided by learning from a mentor’s experience!

You do not have time to make every mistake in the book and still create an abundant life! 
Understand that people have travelled a similar path to yours, leaving a trail of clues that lead to success.

Learn to follow their clues to achieve your goals in half the time! 
Your time is precious; something irreplaceable, so any methods you can use to learn faster is super important!

Take Responsibility

I blamed everyone for why my life was not the way I dreamed; becoming a master of excuses. 
Excuses never changed my life for the better, they only allowed me to feel better about myself for a brief moment!

The craziest thing is that I would blame others for the bad parts of my life, while taking full credit for everything amazing! 
You cannot have it both ways!

Take responsibility for your life as every time you blame others you lose power! 
You are admitting to yourself and everyone else that you are not in control of your life.

When you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you unlock the key to your full potential to create an abundance!

Study Money

My beliefs around money at 18 were clearly spend it as soon as you get it; then frantically try and get some more, which clearly was never a belief system that would create success!

I lived for the day with no thought for tomorrow, causing me one financial crisis after another; all of which could have been avoided!

You will need money to live an abundant life if you live in any kind of modern society; the fact that something so important is not taught in school is a mystery, so you will need to take responsibility to become a master of money.

Many people put this off because it is an emotional topic that causes stress resist the urge to dig your head in the sand because building positive money habits will be vital in your journey to success!

These are 5 things I wish I knew at 18 that will make you successful mastering these mindsets until they become habitual will lead you to an abundant life

We all make mistakes; the important thing is to learn not only from your mistakes but from the mistakes of those who came before you travelling a similar journey. 
Clues to success are all around you if you pay attention; search for the golden guidance that will lead you to success!

One More Thing 
I appreciate you for reading this article and if you gained value then please give it a round of applause and share it with your loved ones!

I Wish You Success Forever!