How To Tell If You Have A Loyal Friend For Life

Friendship helps you to enjoy a fulfilling life and this is why true friendship is so important yet can at times be difficult to find.

Throughout your childhood you may have had close friends who you are no longer close or with whom you no longer speak. 
You may have found a friend who is not loyal or over the years you may have simply realised that your paths have taken a different course.

Throughout this article I want to explore with you the importance of having truly loyal friends; how to know if you have them and basically just tell you a story!

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I want to speak about how to know if you have a loyal friend for life and unlike in my other articles, in this article I am not going to lay out key points, I am just going to simply tell you a story of which you can hopefully gain some insight.

It all started when I was 13 in a dilapidated school call Sir Graham Balfour when I met a friend that I would soon come to rely on as someone truly loyal.

We had (and probably still do have) the same mischievous, stubborn yet curious nature about the world and that caused us to resonate with each other. 
We used to play fight in school all the time, yet he had an older friend who used to look out for him and when he saw us play fighting one time, he thought it was a real fight and punched me in the stomach…that was awkward! 
He came to know we were good friends and also became a friend of mine although not so close.

Me and my new friend became tight but hazardous to our studies as we both hated school and were both playing up whether we were in the same class or not, it is just that proximity clearly made us worse. 
However, it was never malicious, it was more mischievous and because we saw life in different ways than the strict regimented perspective of school.

After school we hung out all the time and we were always chasing after girls; being 14 our knowledge of girls was brutally limited but you could never knock our persistence.

I looked old for my age so there was a local shop where I could get served for alcohol and that was one of our many bad ideas. 
I would tell my parents that I am staying at his house and he would tell his parents that he is staying at mine until our parents eventually became close and began to check facts…That was also awkward!

Curiosity led us to try alcohol way before we should have with another close friend that sadly moved away and at the time we didn’t quite understand the meaning of a shot. 
We were shotting vodka, mixed with whisky out of mugs…It got awkward!

At first we felt fine; then we made too much noise as our friends mom told us to get out because we were being too noisy and eventually we all blacked out, I threw up on my teachers car, my friend passed out in a bush and my other friend got lost. 
A lesson well learned!

We got kicked out of school 1 by 1, not for getting drunk but for continuous mischief.

My friend turned out just great, he was and still is extremely entrepreneurial and was already earning money from several jobs while he was at school so now just had the time to earn more money.

I always knew I was intelligent but I was battling with other issues so didn’t immediately adapt to expulsion as well, not that I was upset to not have to go to school but I had more time on my hands than was probably for the best.

I got in to smoking weed, taking drugs and hanging out with older people who were either taking drugs regularly; doing crime regularly or both!

I began fighting with my parents as they could see my behaviour and attitude changing and me and my good friend grew apart. 
Not because we came together to make a conscious decision but he saw the path I was taking and didn’t want to take that path and distanced himself; I knew the path I was taking and didn’t want him to come for the ride!

I took the drugs and crime thing way too far and for years I didn’t see my friend because I was living a crazy lifestyle and becoming deeper entrenched.

After a long time of craziness; I was at my house on curfew as I was on bail for a string of offences and randomly the doorbell rang at my house, I was again gracefully living with my parents at that time. 
However, I had began to calm down; I had finally put the drugs to bed, all except maybe a bit of weed at the time and I was trying to regain my normality.

I came to open the door and out of the blue it was my friend who I had not seen for years; a friend with whom I had spent many years enjoying great times that had nothing to do with drugs, pain, crime and violence…well, nowhere near on the scale that I later took it.

I was so happy to see my friend again because he purposely took the decision to step away patiently waiting in good faith that I would come to my senses and when he saw that might be happening he came back.

True sign of a real loyal friend!

He pulled up in a Renault 5 Turbo and I don’t know if you have ever been in one of these cars; but as a youngster this car gives you the perfect combination of speed and danger that is exhilarating.

Bear in mind that my friend has been driving since when most kids where still learning to read so I have the utmost confidence when I am in the car with him.

We caught up and I realised that he was hearing one horror story after another about me and he was still stubbornly and resolutely not having any of it. 
He wouldn’t believe that this is the person I had become at least not for good; he always knew I would come back to my senses.

Another sign of a truly loyal friend.

Anybody telling him stories about me he didn’t want to hear it. 
Until finally he came back and we caught up as if we had never left.

To this day even though we don’t talk every single day; we don’t need to, if the friendship is strong enough to withstand what it has been through then I have faith it has the strength to withstand anything.

His fierce loyalty to me has not only garnered my respect but also my fierce loyalty in return. 
However truth be told; if you would have asked me, there would have never been any question about my fierce loyalty to him and he probably would have said the same.

In conclusion; true friends do not just look at what is happening now or become overwhelmed by the bad times, quickly forgetting the good, they stay true to you as they know who you are deep inside and can see deeper than the hard times you may be going through.

Understand that a person who shows you this kind of loyalty is rare and should be treasured! 
If you have a person like this in your life then you show them the respect they deserve and you keep them close!

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