Successful People Say No To These 10 Things

Successful people have to regularly say no. 
This is because to reach the highest levels of your potential you will have to be disciplined against the many temptations that are detrimental to your dreams.

Everyone has their own plans and intentions. 
In order to remain true to your path you must have laser focus, ignoring anything and anyone who may distract you from your journey.

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Success is not something you do but a person you become and therefore it requires you to prioritise personal development.

Many people believe in a special defining moment where you will finally “make it” whereas the truth is you will make incremental improvements over time that slowly build you into a success! 
Looking into the future for a mythical moment in time blinds you to the opportunities that are presented to you today!

Believe in your ability to reach your pinnacle providing you put in the effort to invest in yourself daily! 
This is not motivation or inspiration, this is cold, hard strategy!

When building a palace; the last brick is no more important than the first or even the 22nd 
Each and every brick is vital to the process just as every single minor improvement you make in your life is vital to your success!

Knowing this, you can feel confident in your ability to create an incredible life if you only give success your focused attention for a sustained period of time!

The difficult thing is learning to say no! 
You will lose friends; you will feel like you are missing out, sometimes you will be lonely, you will feel drained at times and you will contemplate giving up!

The great thing is, if you continue along your path; you will gain new ambitious friends, you will realise you did not miss out on anything important, you will learn to love your own company, your energy levels will increase and you will be resiliient enough and love the process so much that you will never give up!

To give you a heads up I want to share with you 10 things successful people say no to!


The snooze button may be your best friend right now but if you want to embody success then you need to learn to go without extra sleep! 
Sleep is important and you should not damage your health through not getting enough, but it is likely you are actually getting more than enough.

Many people sleep way too much and have the erroneous belief that they could not possibly operate on any less sleep, but this is false. 
Everything is habitual and if you are sleeping for 8–10 hours a night that is a habit! 
You can just as easily build a habit to sleep on 6 hours a night, especially during your twenties!

Successful people either wake up really early or stay awake really late!

You need to focus on that which will improve your life and being awake when most people are asleep has 2 main benefits:

  • You have a head-start on most people who are operating on average!
  • You can easily complete deeply focused work as during these times it is quiet and peaceful!

If you want to be successful then you have to say no to extra sleep!


Negativity must be rooted out of your life if you plan to be a success! 
This is a disease that has affected most of the planet and is sprayed in your face daily through the media!

There is a place to be strategically pessimistic! 
This is so that you can look ahead to see upcoming challenges and find a solution in advance!

I am not a believer of the movement the self-improvement industry is pushing that positivity cures all! 
It does not! 
There are times where you have to face the reality of the situation!

However that is not the same as your mom and dad telling you to give up your dreams and “be realistic” 
“What the hell is realistic?”

If you have a dream and you are strategizing and taking action to make it happen then, whatever your dream is; your dream is realistic!

Stamp the negativity out of your life and even out of your own mind as you will often find times where you begin to doubt yourself. 

Negativity will only make your path harder!

Drugs & Alcohol

Anything that slows you down is banned! 
Drugs and alcohol will definitely slow you down and if you are comparing yourself to a group of people who also abuse drugs and alcohol and you seem sharp compared to them then you are thinking like a loser!

Never compare yourself downwards; if anything, compare yourself to the stars in the sky!

I know this to be true because I used to abuse drugs and somewhat alcohol for years! 
It drastically slowed me down.

I used to smoke weed for over a decade and even though deep down I knew it was slowing me down, I would see other people that seemed to become more creative when smoking weed or who could function seemingly at normal levels and I would make excuses to keep smoking.

It was only when I asked myself one day, “what do I do better when high than when sober?” The answer was absolutely nothing! 
That was enough for me to give up smoking forever!

I compared myself to other people who were using drugs, not just weed but all kinds of drugs and that was a loser mentality! 
Now that I have a more successful mentality, that way of thinking sounds stupid. 
I now know that the levels people who use drugs operate on, cannot even be compared to the levels I can operate on or even you without that ball and chain holding you back!

Loser Friends

This is definitely related to drugs and alcohol as if you are abusing those then you definitely have some loser friends unless you are alone and depressed!

Loser friends can be defined as people with no ambition; negative intentions, pessimistic perspectives and a string of bad habits. 
Now let us be fair…everyone has bad habits, but if your friends list of bad habits far outweighs their good habits, then they are your loser friend!

You may think this is unkind to be getting rid of friends because you want to be successful! 
You are being kind to yourself while doing them a favour!

Sometimes by remaining their friend you are enabling them to remain a loser! 
If you break free and lead by example you are actually giving them a better chance to change their life for the better!

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Junk Food

This one is the most difficult for me! 
Even though I have a very healthy vegan diet, I am still prone to temptations of pringles.

You are what you eat and therefore if you are eating foods with low mineral content then your brain cannot operate to its highest potential! 
Study what foods are good for you and find simple ways to identify which foods are good for specific organs.

For example; tomatoes look like the heart and are also good for the heart. 
Foods that have a natural deep red colour tend to be great for your blood; yellow foods great for your digestive system and your leafy greens are great for protein and overall vitality.

I’m not going to go into the “meat and dairy debate” there is enough information out there for you to know they are bad for you.

Tap Water

Nowadays it is not uncommon to see people drinking bottled water! 
This is because tap water is filled with toxic flouride and other heavy metals which will clog up your system, leave you in a highly toxic state and slow down your brain.

You are mostly built of water and therefore you need to ensure that your body water is clean! 
Similarly to your food, the quality of water you put into your body is what you will become!

For success make sure the water you put in your body is as clean as possible!

Trap Music

I use to love music, especially rap and hip hop, however I later realised the influence it had on my mind and I believe this had an influence on my plunge into drugs, crime and jail!

Nowadays we have trap music which is even worse; at least in my day rap and hip hop used to tell stories and there was a sector for conscious rap. 
Now it seems the trap music scene is determined to convince you that success is sniffing coke and selling crack.

To be successful you must have strong boundaries for what can influence your mind. 
You are not a separate entity to your environment. 
That which you surround yourself with is what you will become!


You may disagree with this; you may love this choice but like it or not, the news sells a product and that product is…yes, you guessed it; negativity!

Negativity is already one of the things we spoke about and the biggest source in the world is the news! 
That includes newspapers!

You now have access to the internet; therefore you can specifically search for the information you wish to acquire. 
There is no need to sit in front of the TV and let someone pump your mind with fear, poverty and death.

After hearing all of that, how can you go out into the world and be successful?


TV is another thing you must learn to say no to as it is likely the people you admire are not sitting in front of the TV! 
You do not learn new skills from the TV and as a person determined to be successful you must make it a habit to consistently be learning new skills!

TV is meant to be a distraction and as we discussed before you must be immune to the temptations trying to distract you from your path!

Youtube is my new TV, I do not own a TV and I haven’t owned or watched one for about 3 years!

If you must watch TV then watch it once a week as a way to wind down, but TV should not be a regular part of your routine!

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Nobody wants to hear it!

Life is a game that you are playing to win! 
That being said it is still a game and should be treated as a game, it is fun!

Every game has a challenge you must overcome and some games even have enemies! 
Therefore; whenever you encounter challenges and “enemies” you should not be surprised because that is how games work!

Use these experiences as feedback and use them to learn and grow! 
Complaining makes no sense and it just makes you weak!

Learn to enjoy the ups and downs of your life, having just as much fun when things go well as when things are challenging!

I appreciate you for reading this article and if you found value please share with all your loved ones and I wish you Success Forever