1 of my 6 Daily Rituals that Help Me Feel Better About Life

I start and stop this all the time!
I often get lost in the 🚫 and what is not going right and what could be better…etc

The first sentence to write to begin!

I often 🙏🏽 before I close my eyes and I thank the Lord for the blessings and the lessons.

However, with all that is so 🚫 and the hatred, and injustice, some Good has to emerge from the bad.
So I am committed today to start my gratitude 📓.

To turn my pain into joy and to write at least 3–5 things I am grateful for and turn the negatives in to positives!
I have found that when I do this, life seems less trivial.
I was re-introduced to the value of doing this and learn a few more “DAILY” rituals to help me get centered.

There are at least 6 daily rituals and I have just shared 1.

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