Sometimes You Just Need To Talk : The Family Psych is There to Listen

When life deals you challenges according to Dr. Lee Ann Lehman,Ph.D says that instead of phoning a friend, call a psychologist. You friends may listen but chances are they cannot really help you with your issues. This can be due to the fact that they may be biased to your situation or judgemental.

Dr. Lee Ann Lehman, Ph.D, owner of TheFamilyPsych, has been a practicing psychologist in South Florida for more than 20 years. “By having an objective person, a professional like myself listening,you become empowered. I make gentle suggestions and then you make your own decisions with the benefit of having some new tools. I literally put you in the driver’s seat because you know yourself better than anyone else. Most people need encouragement and I provide that.”

Some common reasons why new patients come to The Family Psych include traumas, divorce, addictions, and relationships. At times these topics are an outgrowth of mediation and/or a parenting coordination.

Reaching out for help is becoming more popular and acceptable. “Most of us were not born with nor were we taught the coping skills necessary to deal with all of to life’s challenges,” say Dr. Lee Ann Lehman, Ph.D.

At The Family Psych our mission is to demystify mental health raising its importance to that of physical health. We tackle issues head on and without medication by using an integrative approach.

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