5 Key Features All Flips Need | Success Path

Though flipping houses can be exciting, inspiring, and fun, it can also be stressful, especially when you’re on a tight budget and limited timeframe. And while it’s easy to talk about what not to do during a flip or dish out advice on things to avoid in a remodel, it’s also important that flippers are aware of common factors that are forgotten in the midst of the madness. By understanding these 5 finishing touches that should be included in all successful flips, you and your reno team can make sure you execute on all levels of flipping success.

1. Stairs are the stars

Staircases are often the focal point of both the interior and exterior of homes, and unless you’ve invested in a flip that has a shining staircase to begin with, chances are you’ll need to replace the balusters or pillars that support the railing or coping. Not only does replacing these elements help to add a clean, finished look to major focal points, but by using high-end balusters made from custom material like fine wood, iron, or steel, you can add integrity and further increase the value of the home.

2. Fancify the Front Door

As you know, a flip is virtually worthless if you don’t address the importance of curb appeal. And while adding landscaping, changing paint color, or eliminating unwanted features is important, investing in a new front door is also key. By choosing a new door that matches the quality and feel of the new reno, you can create a curb appeal that doesn’t just welcome homeowners and guests, but you can also set the tone for how the entire home will feel.

3. Do the Doors

Similar to the importance of a new, admirable front door, you should make an effort to replace interior doors in order to give your flip a fully finished look. And while it may seem easy and more affordable to simply spruce up pre-installed cardboard doors with paint and a little TLC, you’ll find that homeowners expect to find new doors that reflect quality, safety, and style throughout the home. Increase the appeal of your home’s interior by replacing any cheap, sub-par doors with heavy, custom doors that can be bought in bulk.

4. Hail the Hardware

What’s the point in investing in high-quality, durable interior and exterior doors if you simply equip them with drabby, original hardware? Finish your doors with style and class by adding new, unique hardware that complements both the door and other elements of the home. During your search for the perfect hardware, elect for elegant, high-quality hardware over standard gold or brass knobs and hinges. This is one of those elements you can have a fun time selecting and you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference these seemingly unimportant features can make.

5. Love the Lights

As you probably know, sufficient, installing updated lighting is absolutely critical when it comes to flipping a house. What many flippers fail to address, however, is where that the faceplates and outlet covers that store the power source for these lights also need love. Instead of simply leaving the cheap, generic light switch places and outlet covers untouched during you flip, remember to replace and update them with materials that reflect the quality and character of the home. By choosing stainless steel or polished nickel designs, you can ensure that these home features aren’t just durable, but that they’ll also maintain a timeless look that will stay in style for years to come.