Smart Home Tech to Consider Implementing into Your Next House Flip

Some people think house flipping involves little more than adding a fresh coat of paint to an old home before listing it for sale. The truth is that those who really love flipping houses for the amazing investment opportunity it provides have to consistently strive to improve their reputations in the communities in which they sell.

So how can a house flipper improve their reputation and create a name of trust and professionalism among potential buyers? One of the many ways for doing so is to invest in home upgrades that really make an impact. By installing the latest smart home tech into a home you intend to flip, you make a big move toward improving the home’s worth and overall appeal. There are many smart home additions you might consider, but here are a couple devices that seem to be especially well-received:

Smart Garage Door Openers

If your flip requires a replacement of the original garage door opener, why not take the opportunity to upgrade to a smart garage door opener in lieu of a standard option? Potential buyers are sure to take notice of a smart garage door opener which will allow them to open or close their garage from anywhere with a simple swipe of their tablet or smartphone. Anyone who looks at the home will feel an added sense of security in realizing they can always make sure the garage door to the home, should they purchase it, is closed instead of accidentally open all day when no one is home to protect valuables. Additionally, smart garage door openers are less likely to require a replacement or frequent repair when compared to traditional garage door openers that often need replacing.

Smart LED Lighting

Another smart technology worth adding to your property investment is LED smart lighting. When smart lighting is installed, they are able to turn on or turn off automatically when someone enters or leaves a room. Not only is this convenient, such a feature can go a long way in reducing electricity bills which any buyer will surely appreciate as an added bonus. Having smart lighting installed may also mean that you can get rid of unsightly light switches that often take up a lot of wall space and become dirty with fingerprints and smudges with frequent use.

These are just a couple of many smart technology options on the market today that can add a “wow” factor to your investment properties. Bear in mind that many up-and-coming home buyers are younger and more technically savvy in general and may appreciate these types of additions in a home that they are considering purchasing.

If you’re uncertain how much you want to invest in making a home a “smart home,” you may want to start somewhat small with one of these additions to see how your potential buyers respond. If buyers respond favorably, you can consider adding additional smart technology features into your future properties to take them to the next level. And educational resources like Success Path training events can help you with the whole process of flipping houses, including advice for adding modern features like smart home tech.