How to use BNB Miner to earn 8% daily in BNB

4 min readJun 7, 2022


In this article we are going to explain how to get started using BNB Miner to build your daily 8% passive income in BNB. This article is created for beginners who didn’t work with crypto or worked just a bit.

BNB Miner:

In order to use BNB Miner you need to have:

  1. Installed Metamask with Binance Smart Chain network
  2. Have some BNB in your Metamask in order to invest
  3. Invest in BNB Miner to earn 8% every day

Metamask part

You need to have Metamask installed in order to interact with decentralized applications. Metamask is a simple wallet where you can hold your cryptocurrency, send it to other wallets or invest in projects.

First you need to download Metamask from the official website:

Once you have installed Metamask, create a new wallet.

Create a new wallet

Then you need to add Binance Smart Chain network. The simplest way to do that:

  1. Open and connect your wallet
  2. Type Binance in search field
  3. Add Binance Smart Chain to your network

Add Binance Smart Chain via

Binance Smart Chain network in Metamask

Great! Now you need to get some BNBs in order to invest in BNB Miner.

Get BNB in Metamask wallet

There are a few options to get BNB in your Metamask wallet:

  • Buy BNB directly in Metamask using credit card
  • Buy BNB on exchange like Binance and transfer to Metamask

Option 1. Buy BNB in Metamask

  1. Make sure that your network in Metamask is Binance Smart Chain
  2. Click “Buy”
  3. Select the amount of BNBs you want to buy and proceed next.

Buy BNB in Metamask

Option 2. Buy BNB on exchange and transfer to Metamask

In order to buy BNB on exchange you need to have an account.

You can use any exchange which supports a withdrawal of BNB in BEP20 (BSC) network. For example you can use Binance for that.

Let’s check an example using Binance

  1. You can buy BNB directly via P2P or using your credit card, that’s up to you. Or you can deposit USDT / BUSD / other crypto and then buy BNB

2. Let’s say you deposited USDT, then you need to open and swap USDT for BNB. Or you can go to and buy BNB using market order.

Buy BNB on spot in Binance

Once you bought BNB it’s a time to transfer it to your Metamask wallet.

  1. Go to fiat and spot in Binance and find BNB. Then click “Withdraw”.
  2. Paste your Metamask address
  3. Select BSC network
  4. Enter the amount of BNB you want to send

My address in Metamask

Withdraw BNB from Binance to Metamask

BNB Balance in Metamask

Now you’re ready to go!

Invest in BNB Miner

Once you have BNB in Metamask you’re ready to invest in BNB Miner!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the amount of BNB you want to invest and click “Rent Miners”
  3. You’re done! Now you receive 8% of your deposit every day! You will see your rewards on the website and you can decide whether to re-invest or get your rewards.

Re-invest in miners

Rewards in BNB Miner

In order to make your profit even better we recommend to use 6 to 1 strategy: reinvest every day during 6 days and take profits on the 7th day. In this way you can achieve exponential grow of your deposit and income due to compound interest!

48 BNBs profit from 1 BNB in 12 weeks? — it’s possible thanks to compound interest!




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