Translations of Steel: 6 Things That Bug Me

Brother, I crave violence.
Good advice for life and localisation.

Contextually Weird Language Use

The rest of this exchange is absolutely adorable, though.
He speaks like a dork but his level of diction is pretty normal?
Context: Jin is talking about being unable to reconcile with his Dad, because he is dead. Very happy game.

Finding Your Voice

Semi-jocular unrelated aside: This screenshot represents a decent example of why I think this game would fail the Bechdel Test.
Answer: Mei’s lines are first, third and fourth and I used lines from Chick for the second and fifth lines.
Why yes, I am using this conversation again, get used to that because it’s going to come up a third time
I like him. This sentence gets pretty much the whole gist of his character in one shot.

It Can’t Be Helped

Ironically if I could “say it well”, this piece would be a lot shorter

Font of Knowledge

This is a car crash of a line to read in English. How do you even pronounce “SーO”?
Observe a triple threat of Japanese punctuation usage, a tilde, the long hyphen and a musical note, all in one.

Abridge Your Ellipses

Between these four lines, the total numbers of ellipses used in the Japanese equivalents is 1. The English used 8.

This MFer Said Wonan

“Complement” is not the same word as “Compliment”. English sucks like that.
Even Persona 5’s first localisation had problems after all.

Too Many Words About Words



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