SuchApp Beta Test Nears Completion

Our team is happy to announce the ongoing success of SuchApp beta. Since its August 20th release, more than 300 people have taken part in SuchApp’s beta testing. That’s more than 300 people creating history by using the world’s first blockchain-powered messenger service. 
 In closed tests, participants were able to:

  • Livestream and edit 4K video
  • Create groups and interact with followers
  • Launch personalized marketing campaigns, including location-based messaging with our RADAR function

While an important milestone, 300 beta testers is just the beginning. Our next goal is to reach 3 million users by April, 2019. And judging by the overwhelming support we’ve currently experienced, we have every reason to believe that we can easily exceed this goal. 
 In addition to closed beta, we’re currently testing SuchApp’s functionality on iOS 12 devices. In the near future, iPhone users will also be able to enjoy SuchApp’s innovative features.

Growth leads to further innovation

We believe that people are our greatest resource. The more supporters using SuchApp to connect with friends and family, create content, manage chatrooms, and run digital marketplaces, the better our platform becomes. Our goal is to make SuchApp the platform for tomorrow’s innovators, and in order to do this, we’re increasing the users SuchApp can support. We’re in the process of upgrading our servers to support 10 million active users — an active userbase we’re confident SuchApp can reach by the first of January, 2020

Can’t wait to become part of the revolution?

If you weren’t part of the beta testing, don’t worry! The first version of SuchApp is expected to launch publicly in early October. 
 Visit our website today to see our project timeline. If you’d like to learn more about SuchApp and everything it’s capable of, be sure to check out our whitepaper. You can also stay up to date with current information by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and joining our official Telegram channel.