On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Robin, thank you for this carefully written and well thought out article. Here are a few things that I am curious about (I am a Bernie supporter):

  1. You haven’t mentioned economists such as Robert Reich from UC Berkeley (who worked for Hillary Clinton before) and how they are choosing to support Bernie. You also haven’t mentioned Gerald Friedman specifically from U Mass Amherst and what the other economists on board are saying about Bernie’s intented plans for the U.S. Thomas Piketty, a French economist who works on wealth and income inequality and is a professor in Paris seems to think that Bernie’s plans are feasible too. You have reduced some credibility of Bernie by insinuating that he hasn’t consulted with that many economists and doesn’t have any on board?
  2. I did not know about Sierra Blanca and what happened there. As a lawyer yourself, you probably know if there are laws against dumping waste in a town like that. Could Bernie have gotten away with what you talked about? Am just wondering.
  3. I belong to 3–4 Facebook Bernie supporters groups. People seem very loving, chilled out, compassionate, fair and kind and I see great instances of team camaraderie, hard work, unison and a range of memes, none of which are really sexist (some are funny and a little satirical). I am surprised that you have found so much sexist stuff on reddit.com etc. As a woman, I would find the words that you mention very offensive myself. Both the men and women have been very civil, logical, polite and inclusive on the groups that I mentioned. I have seen simple potlucks done across the country to raise funds for Bernie, fund raising efforts by lots of folk on small scales, and a lot of hope and positivity.
  4. Inclusiveness: You haven’t mentioned why Bernie is so appealing to so many types of people. He has included Native Americans, and listened to them, especially after some complained that he did not in the beginning. He has his own advisors from various groups, including Native people. He has repeatedly mentioned Palestinians and not just talked about Israel. He doesn’t strike me as a racist or sexist person. He has several young women advisors. Why would women like Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner and other young women have supported him so vocally if he was sexist? They are strong young women who need not have supported him.

I am not flaming you at all, I admire your sharp legal mind and your well written article and well thought out words. I just was curious about the points above. Sincerely, Suchitra

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