How Is Kratom Traditionally Used?

Kratom has traditionally been in use for a very long time, in fact for ages in some of the Southeast Asian countries. Known as “mitragyna speciosa” botanically, the plant is generally found in the tropical countries and is a deciduous and evergreen tree. The leaves of the tree are used for consumption and is quite commonly consumed in countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Though considered to be a drug, causing it being banned for consumption in many countries, Kratom is consumed in many countries as tablets, kratom capsules and as tea made out of Kratom leaves and Kratom chronic pain reliever, for the treatment of a wide range of ailments that include, migraine, headaches, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms from addiction, and for complete pain management. However, the use of Kratom as drug and the kratom sales for the same is completely banned and hence it is available only in the medicinal forms and it is an easy and simple process to buy Kratom online from the different pharmaceutical companies that are present online.

The traditional use of Kratom extends from chewing its raw leaf, and swallowing its liquid to brewing tea using the leaves. Though the modern use of Kratom is widespread and in the form of Kratom capsules and tablets, powders and other forms, the traditional use is still existent in the countries where the plant is found. Its raw form is known to be anti-diarrhoeal and is an excellent treatment for the stomach infection that causes diarrhoea. Since traditionally, Kratom is not considered to be a drug, there is no stigma attached to the use of it and hence people used to use it quite openly. However, only in recent times is there a control over its use. The use of Kratom is usually more prevalent in ancient cultural activities and as a resource for agriculture in ancient cultures of Thailand.

The most prevalent use of Kratom traditionally was for its potent property, and sine it was used as an energizer, it was used by workers to fend off their fatigue and exhaustion to be able to relax and loosen up the mood. Depending on their need, they would either chew the leaves of Kratom about 4 to 5 times a day or use the leaves to brew tea in the evening which acts as a great energizer. As one gets used to the leaves and its effects on the body and mind, the user may increase the number of leaves as a beginner might need just a few leaves and as they continue the need may increase for the user to experience the effect.

Known for its extremely high medicinal properties, the consumption of Kratom leaves in different forms is quite prevalent in many Southeast Asian countries. Basically, it is the color of the vein in the center of the leaf that actually determines the superior quality of the Best Kratom leaf. The leaves of a particular color belong to a specific Kratom plant and each of the plants have leaves that have different properties.

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