Culture Shock: Netflix vs. the Cannes Film Festival
Frederic Filloux

fantastic piece #mustread

At the height of the dispute, Bong Joon-ho, Okja’s director, candidly noted that “Before being released, a movie has to be produced and funded”- a filmmaker is a slave to funds, s/he just wants to tell the story giving a s*** about what the platform would be- as long as it is taken to the audience. With 35mm dead, film was buried for the first time, with a VOD and theatre controversy — we know where we are heading towards- but the question is what is the content going to be- are netflix’s and amazon going to feed the locals- as we call authentic chinese or indian chinese- or are they going to feed them more with international content- as far as i have seen- they want a local cultural driven story- but are the TG wanting that- most of the people i know who watch netflix are watching only international content- so who is going to pay and watch the indian content- what is the ratio of the audience.. And as regards indian digital platforms like hot star , alt balaji, is the nature of content going to be different, because then they are competing with the Netflix’s international content- does that change our storytelling- or it’s going to remain Bollywood or like our TV shows…- does the nature of content change- and does the treatment of that content change. what changes with the VOD becoming more dominant, more global than other mediums of telling a story. (sorry for the typos am mobile) Great article!