What it is like to travel alone

I always have this dream of travelling in an aeroplane. Please don’t judge me.From a middle-class family for whom air travel is like a distant dream, it surely is a fantasy. And moreover, who doesn’t want to travel? I was fortunate enough to get my first chance to fly abroad with my spouse and more than my excitement, I was very anxious to travel alone.Come along with me to find out how dumb ass I was and how it is like to travel alone.It may not be a big deal now, but it was a nightmare for me then. I didn’t know anything about the check-in and security procedures.It was the first time I felt that my high school question paper was much less demanding.

I was heading to Chihuahua in Mexico.Unlike the exploration we do now, I was dumb and I didn’t even know whether it would be black or grey.the flight time was more than 16 hours and I had a stopover at Dubai. After successfully checking in my luggage and passing my security check, I was thrilled, nervous, excited and what not to board my flight. As you are thinking correctly, I was the only person to stay awake throughout my flight time. I didn’t know how things work and I was waiting for the attendant to come near my seat to request a drink.

After reaching Dubai, things were even worse when they didn’t accept my entry to lounge with my spouse’ card which we thought we could get so. I waited in the public lounge for over 6 hours for my next announcement. Dubai airport is the world by itself. I was awestruck with everything that was happening there. To satisfy my appetite, after much hesitation, I went to coffee shop and had something. Oh yeah, amidst all these, I got a friendly neighbour during my waiting time. Thanks for that unknown person who helped me to stay awake. Finally, I managed to find my gate and terminal and board the flight.

I felt little comfortable and secured during my second flight and I even pressed the button to call the attendant for water. I know I am so imbecile to be glad of this. In the wake of coming to the destination, I had an inclination that I finished the biggest challenge.I was reminding myself about the carousel number to avoid missing my luggage. Later I discovered that it would be mentioned in the announcement board and can free my mind recalling that.And, as an icing on the cake, I found out after landing that my spouse who was supposed to receive me have not still reached as his flight got delayed. My lonely journey continued by waiting for him for two more hours in the airport. Above all these, I did not have the guts to go to the restroom with all the luggage in that airport. I was surprised as what all lessons travel could teach me and that too in my first experience. Yeah, and did I tell you that all our way back to the hotel, my spouse was punished to hear my relentless narration of the whole experience. Obviously after visiting my nature’s call.

Even though the journey started with excitement and to the state of horror that I don want to travel alone any time in my life again, it gave me lifetime experience which I would have never acquired otherwise.Not to mention that I travel anywhere and everywhere alone now and I could manage any circumstances. Thanks to the situation which gave me an opportunity to travel alone and could relate me to the saying

“Some journeys in life can only be travelled alone”
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