We take care of your dog wherever and whenever you want as soon as possible.

Scope: 8 weekends challenge. In a team of 5, find out the needs and frustrations on a topic and find a solution in the form of an app. In our case, we picked up “PETS”.

I want to put you in context

Scope: Almost two weeks to find out the main pain points on the onboarding process and help to improve them with a website based SaaS.

What’s onboarding?

In this case, there are 3 personas involved

One week challenge. This time the brief was to design a best value flights app differentiated to what we already have in the market.

I would like to start by introducing you Matthew. He is a digital nomad aged 34. That means he is able to work from wherever he wants as long as he has his laptop and some internet access from time to time.

All started with a brief. I had 1 week to make some research on habits, find a problem and build an App prototype solution.

Before I started I took some time to think about habits and how and when they usually change. That’s how I decided to focus on when people start to retire.

More time, new lifestyle, new habits.

I made 5 interviews and prepared a survey that 41 persons answered

Marta Such

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