What exactly a ‘dokter muda” doing?

just a ‘super-tiny’ information about medical student.

  1. Following up the patient in ward. (all the patient) dokter muda is first line in handling the patient. you have to know history every patient, and doing correctly physical examination (all examination), you allow to suggest certain examination, writing patient status, writing the prescription, discussing the disease with the consultant. and you allow give the emergency help without having to report first.
  2. visitation. almost all the time, this chance to be execution time. Always all the consultant doctor have a tricky question about pathophisiology the disease and leave the conversation (red interrogation) with some patient planning, and homework, or something that I have to read, and will ask in the next ‘visite’, yeah! I mean next day.
  3. doing planning the patient. maybe sometime you have to tiring intensive follow up, maybe you will accompany to radiology exam, and you have to know the result, and taking some blood to lab test. maybe you have to do consultation with other department to the same patient that have complicated disease, could be 2, 3, or 4 departments. it often occur.
  4. beside that, you have your own task. case report and journal reading. it usually take 3 weeks preparation for presentation. in the preparation, you have to write a paper, and do a consultation. and in each department you have to pass the question that unanswerable. what a life. 3 weeks sometime faster, sometime longer. huft..
  5. teaching. as same as college life. one-way communication. I like it.
  6. Night shift. actually I don’t hate night shift. it’s just that I do not like having to be activity after no sleep. maybe you cannot imagine how if you start from 6 am in the morning. doing the activity until 4 am, you have a night shift, and no sleep. and you have to continue the ordinary activity after you finish the night shift. there are night shift score every week. if you have 2 score in night shift. it’s mean 2 night in hospital, 5 night you could go home. let’s guess how long time I spent in hospital, without go home? I’ve not been home four days, just sleep (stay awake) in the hospital. that was my greatest achievement as dokter muda, I have to tell it to my daughter or son, someday. haha
  7. Test. there are two types of tests; Theory and practice. if you can’t pass one of the test you loose. theory test is just same like the college test. and the spesial thing is practical exam. we used to called with OSCE (objective structural Clinical Exam). practice exams sometimes with junior level, sometimes performed with the real patient. can you imagine that?
  8. doing the procedure. sometime you could help the doctor or nurse to tide nasogastric tube, urine catheter, primary hecting, give diet sonde, intubation, resuscitation, electrocardiogram, USG, if you’re lucky, you’ll be invited to join the operation. all operation. you can pull the baby’s head in sectio caesaria. in craniectomy you could drill the head and touch the real brain, cut the penis preputium in unknown guy, drill the bone and plug the screw. anything you can do under the supervision. it’s fun.
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