Getting Started In Forex

That’s a pretty “explosive mixture” that can only produce more losers, which obviously is what most forum owners truly want for with the growing ranks of losers, especially those homegrown and so Prove My Profits more loyal to the forum, this can mean only one thing and a good one too: even more business, more advertisers clamoring for advertising spots impressed by the number of forum members. And the dumber the members are, the easier it is to sell them something. That’s a recipe for a perfect business destined to grow by bounds and leaps. I have known this for years. If only I could stand losers and fools better, I would have been very rich by now.

Yes, that’s the problem with trading forums: the people who hang out on them. Since this crowd is unlikely to include truly accomplished traders, those you will end up learning from will probably do more damage to your trading career than the damage you would have done to it yourself. You will simply compound your bad habits with theirs and thus end up spending more time on unlearning them all.

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