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4 min readNov 13, 2022


How did we get started?

We participated in Hack the Mountains hackathon 3.0 on 17th — 18th September as team “Hackit” of us four members. We connected on discord a few days before the hackathon and decided to build something on healthcare. Though we had a lot of ideas and were confused on how and what to build, so we decided on one and went forward with the idea. We started to buckle up from the 16th September and as the hackathon started officially, we started working on and testing the features.

We collaborated and divided the task among ourselves and started working rigorously. At last, after hours of sleepless nights and coffee, we successfully implemented the solution and submitted the GitHub link at the HTM portal.

Then after waiting for a few weeks for results. Hurray! We won third place in the hackathon. We were very elated as it was the first time we collaborated as a team and ended up winning a hackathon.

Our Journey

But our journey wasn’t that easy but all of the members were very collaborative and we synced well.

Our original idea was to build a chatbot that will track/guess our mood and depending on our mood it will crack a joke and send us some memes. So we proceeded likewise, Pranshu and Sami, my teammates started working on the front-end part and I (Sreetama) started handling the model. The front-end part with the dashboard and login was almost ready. And model training was also done. The model was converted into API and was deployed by Suresh. But as it says “There is no programming without errors ”. We got stuck with some errors when we tried to render the model.

We were unable to connect the chatbot API which was used to guess the mood with the front-end due to a middleware error. We all tried our best to debug and understand the error where it was resulting but in vain.

Thus we were losing hope with time. 😢

Then we tweaked our idea and decided to build a probability checker. Here GitHub came to our rescue Pranshu got some useful disease data from GitHub and we decided to implement that.

So what did we do?

We implemented a modernized and digitized healthcare system by developing a one-stop solution for patients who want to get an idea what are the possible diseases as per their symptoms and further assist them with specialized doctors as per their concern symptoms.

And the chatbot?

Yup, we did integrate that too but sadly without the mood predictor model 💔.

But we came up with a more useful one than the symptom checker.

But this chatbot also worked in the same direction to lighten your stress by providing only jokes that release patient’s stress and we named it WeCare Fun Bot. As we all can understand, that’s in beta mode!

But that’s not all!

Our platform Wecare also gives a facility to Doctors so that they can log in to our application and can track their appointments and can book or schedule meeting with their patients.

Finally our web app:- https://wecare32.vercel.app/


So, what did we learn?

We learned about Docker, Azure, Apis, and middleware issues while integrating, teamwork, collaborating, and most importantly never giving up.

Do check out our GitHub link:- https://github.com/Sreetama2001/WeCare_Hackit

Signing off

Team Hackit



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