Experience Of Team LearnWeb3 | Hack The Mountains 3.O

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3 min readNov 13, 2022


First time participating in big hackathons

This was my first time participating in a big hackathon and fairly the first time for my team members as well. We were excited but also confused about what to build. Learnweb3 DAO was the co-organizer. We had various topics to choose from but ended up choosing blockchain.

We used the following sponsor tools for our project:

  • Polygon — For deploying the smart contract. We deployed our contracts on polygon mumbai testnet.
  • Thirdweb — Release tool which allows to publish contracts to the on-chain registry and deploy it without much hassle.

Project Idea

This was a 36-hour hackathon, it was quite a challenge to build something sustainable and useful. After some brainstorming and rejecting some not so good ideas 😄. Since we all were from the Learnweb3 community, we thought “why not build a community Dao for Learnweb3 students?”.

In Learnweb3, the students get a graduation NFT for completing a course track, namely freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. So the idea was to create a Dao where the students are eligible to be a member if they hold these NFTs.

The eligible members can create a proposal if they want to suggest some changes on the existing things in learnweb3 or want to propose to introduce some new things. And other members of the community can vote on that proposal with yes or no.

Each NFT would hold a voting power ranging from 1–4 depending on what’s the highest NFT a student holds.

Each proposer gets a contributor NFT whenever their proposals get passed.

How we built it

The tech stack included

  • Frontend — NextJS, Tailwind CSS.
  • Backend — Solidity
  • Tools and libraries — Thirdweb web sdks and wallet connect, Rainbow Kit and wagmi, chainlink, vercel for deploying the website.

We tried to make the frontend as minimalistic as possible, so we could focus more on the functionalities.

We faced a few challenges working with Thirdweb’s SDK as we were working with it for the first time. But the Thirdweb’s team helped out.

The smart contracts are written in solidity and are deployed to polygon mumbai testnet using Thirdweb’s Release feature which makes deploying smart contracts very easy with just one command.

Chainlink keepers is used to automate the execution of proposals whenever the deadlines for a proposal is reached.

Although the project was not completed as expected, we decided to submit since we worked hard for it. Hoping for the best results we got second position in an online event. 🚀


Our team consisted of four members, all from four different countries so it was very much fun to work together. We all had varied skills which helped a lot. We learned a few things from each other.


  • Jossif Elefteriadis
  • Fu-Chuan Chung
  • Umar Khatab

They know what they do and try their best to achieve it.

  • Jossif Elefteriadis

My experience with Hack the Mountains Hackathon is pretty positive. Besides having a great team that I worked with, the team behind the hackathon along with the sponsors were very helpful in the discord platform every time we needed some feedback from them. Everything was clear from the beginning and the structure was pretty straight forward. They partnered with sponsors that definitely will be a core within web3 and using their tech helped a lot.


Always submit the project be it complete or not. You might win it if you have worked hard for it.

Make a well written documentation which lays out your idea very clearly, how you built it, which tech stack you used and what are your future plans for it (if any).

Hackathons are one of the best ways to test out your skills and work as a team.

Overall it was a great experience and was well organized by HackTheMountains and LearnWeb3. And we would love to attend more such hackathons.



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