2018 is my “Year of Relationships”

I’ve never been one to set goals for myself. I’ve played around with new year’s resolutions that I don’t keep, but this time I’m recapping my successes of 2017 (in private I’ve also noted challenges and opportunities for growth) and committing to some new goals for 2018 and documenting them here to further hold myself accountable.

2017 was my “Year of Renewal” — last year I…

  1. Got a new tattoo
  2. Taught Isla to ride a bike
  3. Developed a love for cycling
  4. Ran my first race (8k)
  5. Learned financial management skills and was discharged from bankruptcy
  6. Went on a road trip to California
  7. Acquired an exciting new contract for work
  8. Organized a charity fundraiser that raised $10k
  9. Took part in my first youth business mentorship event

2018 is my “Year of Relationships”. I…

  1. Enjoy the outdoors with the kids on a weekly basis
  2. Am more financially secure (debt-free, growing savings, extra for adventures and fitness challenges)
  3. Find ways to be physically active almost every day
  4. Challenge my body in ways I never thought possible by completing a race and a triathlon
  5. Have a stronger relationship with myself through authenticity and speaking my truth
  6. Provide mentorship to youth in business
  7. Grow our company (2 years under our belt! Year 3 is going to rock ;p)
  8. Utilize Medium as a creative outlet
  9. Find my tribe

Happy New Year everyone!

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