Why an App first, not a website?

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We all hear Apps, and more Apps, and some more Apps these days! Any new idea or a new offering (like groceries at door, taxi at doorstep, cosmetics on demand, professional services around you, fitness tracking and what not) is more visible (and more promoted too!) as a Mobile App, and way more than its website form. We as an App development company (www.agicent.com) receive 7 out of 10 inquiries for App first projects only, which is a great thing; and there are many reasons (each one has their own set of) why startup entrepreneurs as well as non tech entrepreneurs and also established enterprises are bullish on Apps more than website (despite the fact that websites still give a great luxury of easy navigation, and multitasking, and rich content).

So over the last few months, we interviewed entrepreneurs across different geographies (Primarily US and India) and studied internet to know the real reasons behind Apps being first choice in 2015, and following is what I summarize and share with you all -

1. App stays with user, all the time — Unlike a website, an App stays in user’s device, can communicate using multi-ways notifications, tracks him more than anything else, and is more visible overall.

2. Mobile Only users > computer & mobile users — The number of Mobile only (and non computer) users is way more than computer & Mobile users in any given geography. The ones who never used a software before, started their software-user experience right from mobile only (like my Mother, or Grandma, or a blue collar jobber, or a physical salesman and so on). For them, an App is not a regular Software but a technology of convenience. Without Apps, this huge market can’t be tapped; and they are your target segments for almost every B2C service offering.

3. Analytic — This is what every new age marketer is hungry for! A mobile app can get far more precise information on user’s behavior (locational, demo-graphical, more isolated buying behavior, authentication method, social profiling, kind of device and OS they are, associated devices they have, family devices, buying behaviour at home and the same while at office, personal information and everything else — and this all goes serves the big data!

4. To stay relevant, and in competition — If you are an existing business with an already popular product line (physical product or web based), you can’t afford to do without an App any longer, if you want to remain relevant in today’s market. Note that I’d have titled this point as “to stay ahead of competition” back in 2012; but today an App is to survive!

For a competitive edge though, you need to improve on customer experience and convenience!

5. Web is highly competitive for a new entrant, while App users are more receptive- cost and results of SEO, or paid marketing on the web and getting discovered by target segment is a deadly task; and almost impossible for a startup with limited funds; doing the same for an App is comparatively easy because of user’s receptiveness, App store visibility and promotional features like editors pick or App suggestions and social sharing and word of mouth. No wonder why a few major eCommerce giants in India are totally going to App-only mode; completely ditching the search-results-competition for good future.

Having said that, a web is still an important face to have though quickly becoming more and more a landing page primarily, and an associated blog to generate content; while consumption to happen more and more on Mobile!

What’s your take on this? Do you need an App Development company to validate your idea and make it in an awesome iOS or Android App? Feel free to inbox me your questions or just comment straight below this post.

Happy App-storming. :)

  • Sudeep Bhatnagar