10 Tips to stay Productive Everyday

These are my top 10 ways to i get productive everyday. I have been struggling with productivity and procrastination on daily basis. These are some of the things which i have tried and been able to achieve my goals.

  1. Schedule your day — Every morning before starting your day, set goals for the day. What will you accomplish for a day? Set Goals which is of medium level not too hard to achieve nor very easy to achieve which can make yourself “take it easy” mode. It should be challenging enough to have interest constantly for a whole day.
  2. Concentrate on work in hand rather than thinking about other task which may be or may be not important. Think Work in hand is most important task for your life either do or die. This might be little harsh but it works.
  3. Get away from all kinds of distraction what so ever it may be Mobiles, TV, and Games etc. If you are like me who gets distracted very easily with TV or You Tube Videos my hack is to be conscious about what you are doing at present. Train your brain to constantly ask questions like what I am doing at this moment? Or Is this going to help me to achieve my goals? Or Is doing current task is important or not? If you can practice every hour for asking such questions I am sure you will be more productive. It may sound lot of work initially but as you practice, it will turn in to a habit.
  4. If task is non important but must do and takes less than 2–5 mins try to do it immediately without putting lot of time in deciding whether to do it or not.
  5. If you are programmer like me or author than best way to get away distractions from other people is to put on headphones no need to play music just put the headphones. By doing this it will discourage others to disturb you. Even if you are working at loud place like coffee shop headphones will help you. In support to this if you want to listen to music and do your work, listen to some trance music or meditating music which runs in your ears in slow volume and gives reasons to wear it during working. I often listen to trance when I am coding it really helps.
  6. Take rest of 5 to 10 mins in between after working continuously for 1 hour. Study shows that in between rest is important as it increases overall productivity. During break do not check your social media status (FB, Twitter) as it will totally turn 10 mins break in to 30 or even 60 mins. All your efforts will be wasted. Instead do some meditation or just shut your eyes for 10mins which will boost your productivity enormously.
  7. All the non-productive task should be done at the beginning or at the end of the day. Task like checking social media can be done at start of the day or at the end or may be in during lunch break.
  8. Keep a tab on what you have achieved during entire day. Measuring yourself is very important it brings out good and bad in you. Knowing what things are pulling you down and what things are helping you to achieve your goals, with these results you can change your schedule next day accordingly.
  9. Do some sort of exercise to become a super active for entire day. It has been proven that everyday mild morning fitness activity can prove to be very helpful keep you active throughout the day. But these activity must be mild like walking or running comfortably it should not too heavy which can lead to tiredness which will eventually hamper your work. If you are heavy fitness freak then try to do it at the end of the day after work. This help you to get work done in the morning when you are fresh and at night after workout you can give rest to your mind and body.
  10. Writing is very therapeutic task everyone must do it at the end of the day before going to sleep. You can write what you have achieved or experience for entire day. Were you successful in achieving set goals? Not only day to day events but you can write about your big goals what you want to be in life. What good you want to do to your friends, family or country or human kind. This definitely will keep your interest to work hard to achieve it.
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