At the stroke of midnight,
the world witnessed a miracle,
A man’s conviction of truth was mighty,
mightier than the force of thousands of soldiers.
At the western front, 
there were 55,000 soldiers and large scale rioting,
on the eastern front, 
the force primarily comprised of one old man,
fasting, doing prayers, spinning charkha.
And the violence completely stopped.

He did not celebrate that day, NO !
for he knew it’s not independence, 
it’s not freedom, 
it’s not what we stood for, 
people gave sweat, tears, and blood;
for what? replacing white oppressors with brown ones?

No ! It’s not freedom.
It’s mere power transfer.
A lot of struggle
is still left…

On 15 August Gandhi marked the day 
with a 24 hour fast, prayer, and spinning yarn. 
“My way of celebrating great events, 
such as today’s, is to thank God for it and, 
therefore, to pray,” 
he wrote to his Quaker friend 
Agatha Harrison.

Gandhi had further planned 
to travel to Delhi, 
then move on to Punjab, 
and eventually to Lahore, 
and thus bit by bit 
bring peace to the entire country.

But what happened next was horrific,
murder of Bapu destabilized the subcontinent;
A lot of political ideologies 
are now based on fundamentalism and hatred.

How is this freedom?
Religion is still a subject of the state,
we have failed to evolve.
Our consciousness is still tribal,
thinking as small communities,
not as a species.

This is what our independence struggle was all about,
placing faith, even on your enemy,
for every human on earth is ourkin,
and this is our thought process,
rational reasoning over violence,

how did we end up fighting so many wars?
how did we end up here?

A lot of struggle is still left.

No ! It’s not freedom.
It’s mere power transfer.
A lot of struggle is still left…