The Importance of Having a mentor..

The Secret of Success, is of no secret. All you need is to have a mentor to be Successful!

It is important for a student or a graduate to have a mentor.

A mentor kick starts the goals that you set, and helps you set the right goals in your life. Mentor provides the best billion dollar advice in your life and shows you the way to success. The best part is you gain experience from his experiences.

From the epic

As per the Mahabharata, one of the divine books of the Hindus, Arjuna gained the mentor-ship of Krishna. He listened to his advice and that paved the way to his eventual success. Time and again, it is conveyed that one has to persist to place full efforts on one’s goals.

In the epic Mahabharata, the five Pandavas brothers followed the advice's of Lord Krishna, it gave them success in the war. Arjuna, one of the five Pandava brothers, was faced with the choice of either choosing Krishna or his huge army. He made a wise decision and chose Krishna as his mentor. A long and bloody war ensued between the Kauravas (their oppressors) and Pandavas. Even though the Pandavas had a smaller army, thanks to the advice of a great and wise mentor, they were able to defeat the Kauravas.

Learning from the epic

From the epic, I learned that it is important to have a mentor. Choose a right mentor and follow his sayings to succeed, Make promise to your mentor and keep up the promises. Learn experience from mentors experience. The epic also teaches to be trustworthy and be truthful, called as dharma in the epic.

In the epic the mentoring is popularly called as Geethopadesam, Lord Krishna advised to Arjuna who was leading the Pandavas army during the war.

My mentor

I was a teenager and I started dreaming of my goals like our former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said, Young people have to dream and achieve.

I had lot of dreams, but I was not clear, I was lucky to get a mentor whom I like the most in my life, And I waned him to mentor me for my life. He is and will be my lifetime mentor, He is inspiring and motivating me a lot, he made me clear about my goals and set the right goal to achieve. I love to experience from his experiences and learn from it. He is the reason for my motivation, my programming skill, the effort I take, language I speak and write and the focused I am.

My mentor builds confidence in me, and motivates me to achieve the goal that I have set. He made me follow three F’s, they are Faith.Focus.Flow and the 3F’s will make you move forward he says. He has given me many advises, every time I hear it I am motivated a step ahead.

What a mentor wants from his mentee’s

The first thing a mentor wants from his mentee is to Transform. The first mentor question is “Transform or Die?”, Seems to be a little weird, but transformation is a must if you follow a mentor. Mentor wants you to make promises and keep promises.

The sayings of Lord Krishna

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha, Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya, Tadatmanam Srijami Aham
Whenever there is decay of righteousness O! Bharatha And a rise of unrighteousness then I manifest Myself!
Praritranaya Sadhunam, Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam, Dharamasansthapnaya, Sambhavami Yuge-Yuge.
For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.
Hare Krishna !
Have faith in god, he is everything and anything!
“When Sufficiently small steps are taken in the right direction consistently, the Himalayas can also be climbed”
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