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Richard Kim

I’m a 21 years old boy who love coding, presently I am a full time learner and part time freelancer. And my parents support me every time and every thing which I want to do in my life. I have a time table which includes minimum 10 hours of learning daily for one year. I started this time table 3 months back and learning Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and currently completing freecodecamp classes on front end technologies and more. I am earning more than my friends who are placed in campus drives through freelancing. I am also able to pay the bills with that money and getting enough pocket money also. I’ll continue this daily routine for one year and after getting enough skills I ll start a company with my friends asap.(We think we have a great plan and we are researching on how to develop the idea that we have) And this company will attract the dropped out students like me. You may think that why college dropouts like me will interested on our company!, but we have plan for that too which work after one year also. I strongly believe in Dream Big! and find ways to make your dream come true. I hope I covered things here. Thanks again for asking..Richard Kim. :)

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