How to apply for Australian PR Visa?

Sudhir Singh
2 min readDec 20, 2020


Once you are done with your eligibility assessments, it’s a must to score 65 points in order to qualify for the Australian PR process. Once you are eligible for the PR visa, it is time to apply for a skill assessment. The designated authority will conduct the skill assessment.

Later you should submit your application online. Keep in mind, the online pool system, “Expression of Interest” and you have to submit the needed documents to DIBP within 60 days of your application acceptance. This is followed by document verification. Once it is successful, your visa is granted.

Australian Permanent Resident Visa –Step by step process of application:

· If you know that you are eligible, you can apply

· Application to a designated authority to evaluate your skills

· EOI (Expression of Interest) submission

· Once your EOI is accepted, you should apply for the visa online within 60 days.

Now, we will go with a detailed explanation of the process and processing time both.
In fact, there are different stages to define the exact processing time regarding PR application. Every process has its own processing time. Let’s go through the exact time period details of the General Skilled Migration process.

EOI (Expression of Interest): Australian Government has an official website of Australia by name ‘Skill select’. You have to prove your interest here. Eligibility score fairly implies this.

It is a direct proportionality — the chances of getting Invitation to apply are directly proportional to your score. Increase your score, the increasethe chances for your Invitation to Apply. The processing time depends on the score.

Skill assessment: Your academic qualifications and previous work experience define your skillset.

You as an applicant should submit all the required documents (faster the documents are provided, sooner the result will be). Australian designated skill assessment body assesses this within a time of around 45–60 days.

Visa Application: Department of Immigration and Border Protection is the one which takes care of Visa applications. Once you receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), it is time to submit a visa application to DIBP.

You should submit it within time duration of 60 days of ITA.

Besides, if anyone is applying with you, you should add their details too.

Health & character certificates: Medical and verification interrelated documents might take a bit longer time. Therefore submit them soon after you receive ITA. It helps you to speed up your visa process. Visa Approval: Once the process starts and if the DIBP is satisfied with your submissions, you will be granted a Visa. Note that this entire process takes around 3–5 months and you have 6 months to migrate after visa approval.

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