3 Saree draping styles you never wanna miss out:

The beauty of a saree is evergreen and gives you a gorgeous ethnic appeal. Women’s never ending love for sarees paved the way for different saree draping styles. There are numerous saree wearing styles to explore for special occasions like weddings, parties, traditional rituals and formal affairs. All you need to know is some easy tricks to complete the chore of wearing a saree.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals:

The task of draping a saree lays on how you incorporate a saree with a well-designed blouse and suitable petticoat.


An elegant saree which flatters your persona is the primary element to look for. The long piece of cloth with intricate design perfectly drapes around your body can instantly enhance your appearance.


A well fitted blouse is necessary to complement a saree. Be it a designer blouse or ready-made one, a blouse always flattering the upper portion of your body.


A petticoat is the ultimate bottom wear to put on under a saree. It looks like a long skirt and holds the draped saree around your body.

Check out the various saree draping styles:

The breath taking Bengali style:

The Bengali style is one of the famous ways to wrap a saree. This particular approach of wearing a saree brings out the culture, tradition and grace of Bengal. The well-known white saree with red border, handloom, light cotton and heavy silk sarees with intricate work can be draped accurately in Bengali style.

Methods to follow:

· First, tuck the end of a saree from the right portion of the waist and make a full circle which ends to the right side itself.

· Subsequently, fold the saree from the right side of the waist to left and then make it reverse.

· Next, make pleats for the pallu and place it to the left shoulder and tie up a bunch of keys to a pallu corner.

· Now, place the pallu corner under your right hand in the front side and attach it with your right shoulder.

Styling tips:

Wear traditional gold jewellery items and a red Bindi to look drop dead gorgeous.

The magnificent Maharashtrian style:

Maharashtrians are known for their unique saree draping manner. Women in Maharashtra wear a saree in 9yards drape which makes it more comfortable. This way of draping a saree makes a woman look outstanding.

Methods to follow:

· Start with the basic draping style and drape a full circle around your waist.

· Take a side of each section of the saree and make a knot in the region of waistline.

· Now, take the shorter end of the bottom end of the saree and pass it through under your legs and tuck it in the back center.

· Next, take the free portion of the saree and make multiple pleats. Tuck in the pleats around the center of your waist.

· Subsequently, make 5–6 pallu pleats, pin them together and place it over your left shoulder.

Styling tips:

Put fresh flowers on your hair and wear an elegant nose pin to bring out the desired look.

The Gorgeous Gujrati style:

The Gujrati saree draping style is famous for its siddha pallu style. The Gujrati style perfectly enhances the elegance of a saree. Whether it’s a traditional Gujrati wedding or a family affair, a woman looks her best wearing a saree in Gujrati way.

Methods to follow:

· Start by tucking the end of the saree on the right side and wrap around your waist and tuck it.

· Now, bring it back to the front section and let a wide portion of the saree free for pleats.

· Bring the saree at the front side and make pleats for the pallu. Pin it up together and place it on the right shoulder.

· Make pleats at the bottom section now and tuck it in the center of your waist. Let the pallu flow from the back side over the front.

Styling tips:

Wear rich Kundan jewellery pieces to complement your look.

Hope, this small and effective protocol on a variety of saree draping techniques will guide you to accomplish your favorite saree avatar. Get rid of the general saree wearing styles by trying out these regional saree draping styles.