5 draping makeup tips to accomplish sculpted cheekbones

We all know the fact that contouring is the best way to highlight your features at the time of makeup. When it comes to highlighting the cheekbones, nose and features, nothing but a perfect makeup kit can help you to achieve a flawless look. Contouring is a traditional way to drape your face with a natural sculpted effect and glow. This technique is evergreen and has been applied by celebrities since ages. A number of makeup artists around the world have used draping makeup technique to ensure their clients with sharp features. Thus, choosing the right makeup articles is quite vital in order to accomplish a lustrous and molded face.

Makeup tips to accomplish sculpted cheekbones

Draping through the foundation:

A foundation which is suitable for your skin tone is the key element of a contour makeup. Firstly, you need to apply a primary base of foundation all over your face to build up an even skin tone. Make sure that you go for a foundation which is lighter than your skin tone just to match it with the skin colour of your neck. You need concealer darker than your foundation to highlight your cheekbones and nose. Create shadows to feature sharper cheekbones. You can use darker face foundation as well to highlight your cheekbones.

Draping through the blush:

The modern age draping makeup has brought multiple ways to highlight your cheekbones. All you need to do is apply darker shade blush on your cheekbones to get a glowing sculpted look. Furthermore, clear out even tone lines and imperfections with a lighter shade blush. Go for a cream based blush to create a soft and smooth texture. By using blush you can embrace a glowing effect on your cheekbones.

Draping through concealer:

Contouring is the safest way to achieve a highlighted look which looks completely natural. First of all you need two concealers to start with. One is lighter than your skin tone and the other one would be two shades darker. Start with the darker shade and apply on the cheekbone areas you want to highlight. Equally apply the darker concealer under your chin, jawbone and sides of your nose to create shadows. Next, take the lighter one and highlight the areas you want to draw attention to. What’s more, blend those layers with a makeup brush. Choose a liquid or stick concealer according to your skin type.

Using matte setting powder:

If you are using cream based products then apply matte setting or loose powder to accomplish a well finished makeup. Choose a right makeup brush to blend in. This thin coating of powder over your face will keep your draping makeup intact for a long duration.

Applying shimmer:

Applying a thin layer of shimmer or bronzer over your makeup can instantly make you party ready. So, if you are going out for a party, shimmer is a must have in your makeup kit. Pick some translucent shimmer and apply a light coat through a makeup brush. You need to focus on your highlighted cheekbones to facilitate a gorgeous look. Apply a very little portion of shimmer on your neck and arms to achieve an even finished look.

Follow these simple yet useful tips to make your cheekbones look sculpted, sharpened and highlighted. And, you must be aware of the fact that sharp cheekbones make your face look narrower and young. So, mastering the art of draping makeup can lead you to bring out a perfectly sculpted face. In addition, you need a range of quality makeup essentials to get your cheekbones highlighted. Hence, you can explore a wide range of premium makeup products online at Trendybharat.com. Go ahead; get ready to cherish a flawless young and sculpted look with draping makeup.