6 skincare and beauty tips for dusky beauties:

There are ample of beauty tips available for ladies blessed with dusky skin tones. Having a dark skin tone actually infuses an aura of exoticness in you. So, there are some special makeup and skin care ideas ready to uplift the beauty of a bronze skin. Perhaps, a bright and fair skin tone was preferred among Indian folks in the ancient era. But, the modern age has widely changed the mindset. Be it Bollywood or fashion industry, nowadays women with dusky skin tones are being largely appreciated. And, when it comes to makeup and beauty hacks for dusky skin tones, there are plenty of tricks to accomplish a glowing dusky skin.

Read on to explore a number of skin care and makeup ideas for a dark skin tone.

Toning and moisturizing for a flawless skin:

Your skin becomes rough and patchy without proper hydration. So, if you are having a dark skin tone which is dry, then moisturizing your skin on a daily basis is a must. It’ll help you to get rid of a lifeless skin. Simultaneously, applying a skin toner regularly helps you to obtain a healthy and fresh skin. A toner can remove excess oil from your face, leaving it supple and acne free.

Choosing the right foundation:

Having a dusky skin tone needs a lot of attention while choosing an appropriate foundation matching to the skin tone. Make sure you get a foundation well matched to your skin tone in order to maintain the natural skin tone. You can apply a lighter shade of foundation in the center of your face make it look brighter. Look for a foundation that evens out the uneven skin tones.

Metallic eye shadows for a glowing effect:

Metallic eye shadows are must haves for all the dusky beauties. Eye makeup is something which makes you look youthful and attractive. So, before you choose a set of eye shadows, make sure it contains metallic colours like Grey, Bronze, silver and more. Women with dark skin tones will definitely stand out with metallic eye makeup or smoky eyes. For an evening affair put on shades like Blue, Copper, Purple, Green and all the dark shades to stand out.

Darker hues of lipsticks for a perfect finish:

Having a dark skin tone certainly makes you go for dark shades of lipsticks in order to highlight your lips. Do not go for bright colours and lip glosses. Go for darker lipsticks like plum, berry, gold, beige, soft pink, burgundy, etc. Also select lip liners accordingly.

Natural blushes to add a touch of elegance:

Blush is an element to colour your cheeks with natural hues. So, when it comes to a darker skin tone, choose shades like bronze, dark peach, coral; deep orange, gold, etc. a perfect application of blush will truly complement a dark skin tone. Experiment with bold flushes to appear drop dead gorgeous on every occasion.

Put on hot bronzers to embrace your look:

When you are contouring, always go for a bronzer or bronze powder all over your face to get a sheer look. It gives your face a radiant look and silky coverage. Start applying from the corners of your face, forehead, nose and chin for a sculpted and shimmering face. And if your skin tone is dusky, then go for a two shades darker bronzer in order to create shadows.

Hope, these simple yet helpful skin care and makeup suggestions will absolutely help those dusky divas get more attractive. All you need to have is a suitable range of skincare and makeup essentials to execute your needs. You can explore a wide assortment of beauty and personal care products at Trendybharat.com to upgrade your makeup tools. Dusky is absolutely stunning. So, pamper your skin with care and love.