7 Proven Customer Engagement Software Strategies You Should Be Implementing Right Away!

To start with…what truly defines customer engagement?

It is a comprehensive term that stretches across teams and metrics. At a more complex level, customer engagement can be defined as the experience and touchpoints a customer has with your product and company.

Customer engagement is evolving and how. With so many occasions to engage customers today, it can be hard to know which are the most effective. Here’s a list of the 7 most effective customer engagement strategies you should implement right away and how you can use them to delight your users.

1) Support from all ends

Various companies are executing a new approach to heighten their customer support experience. They’re taking turns to make sure all employees — from developers to product managers — have a hand in supporting customers and offering them help.

All hands on support can drive growth in companies across all processes. As these courses keep their entire team in touch with the consumers, pains and wishes of their customers, they know what exactly they want and how they can plan to implement them.

2) Measure product engagement with a customer engagement software

With the rise of cost-effective and out-of-the-box customer engagement software it’s not only becoming easy to engage better but also measure product engagement by customer efficiently. You can run reports and build dashboards on all kinds of metrics, like which features are being used by which personas, what cohorts are likely to churn and when and how far a new user gets before dropping off.

These metrics give you valuable insight into where your product is succeeding and where it might be falling short. By looking at the data, you’ll know exactly where you need to experiment or run a customer development process so users can get the most value out of your product/service.

3) Personal branding goes a long way

If we go by what digital marketing guru Sam Hurley has to say, “personal branding is highlighting a real person as the face of your company.” Facebook also shows posts by real people 1st in your news feed rather than of brands.

It simply makes your users trust you more which sparks engagement, be it in any form — feedback, grievance, thoughts etc.

4) Have you tried big data yet?

By analyzing customer behavior and input across different channels and collecting data all the while, brands can obtain a global picture of the customer experience and thereby engage better. You can use it to prove, engage, persuade and win customers.

5) Start implementing artificial intelligence

Chatbots like IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and OK Google are just the beginning. Artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping customer engagement and redefining seamless experiences.

When done right these customer engagement software strategies can go a long way in getting you way ahead of your competition!