Sneak Peak into the Cabinet Category| Modular Kitchen in Kolkata

Based out of Kolkata, Kutchna has brought a revolution in shaping the market of Modular Kitchen in Kolkata.

After finding its way through the east market, Kutchina is stepping into other parts of India, while foraying into the market for kitchen interiors and launching Modular Kitchens with state-of-the-art design and functionality.

Kutchina, being the best in the category of Modular Kitchen in Kolkata, the expectation from any modular kitchen is to simplify the way we operate our Kitchen. Making our kitchen more ergonomic, and providing an easier access to all the components in use while cooking.

Having an organized Kitchen can redefine our habits and also the food we consume. A well-designed kitchen obviously encourages people to cook more instead of ordering online. The focus in this article would be on the types of the cabinets which modular kitchen provides. To start with the installation of a kitchen cabinet, it is necessary to begin by assessing the practical needs and exploring different style options. Below we have pinned three basic types of cabinets and features corresponding to them.

  1. Base Cabinets:

As the name indicates it forms the base on which the granite slab rests. The main property of this category of cabinet other than housing the items required for cooking is to provide the support. It usually comprises of drawers and shelves and stainless steel baskets which act as the storage house. The basic modular Kitchen system should at least comprise of the Base cabinet.

2. Wall Cabinets:

This cabinet is right above the granite slab, you need not have a wall cabinet if your base cabinet does the requisite. However, Wall cabinets are known to provide easier access to spices while preparing the food, in turn, making the cooking experience more delightful. This cabinet will provide you with huge storage space to include kitchen appliances and other components. Wall Cabinets are supposed to be user-friendly, with all the items in reach of your hand.

3) Tall Cabinets:

This cabinet is not something which is common in every house, this system is employed when the kitchen is extra spacious. It provides the feel of luxury, along with the space for additional storage items like pickle jars, jam bottles, cookie boxes, groceries etc.

We can find an upgrade in the way of living, with the acceptance of modular kitchen in Kolkata along with the proper implementation of Kitchen Vastu.

People these days have started to rely on technology to accomplish things which help in providing user-friendly results. However, having a Modular Kitchen is not enough, you need to segregate and prioritize only the needed and regularly used items in the vicinity of the cabinet, instead of bombarding the cabinets with the unwanted mess. Be aware of the unused items taking up space.

Firstly before going ahead with any cabinet, fix the budget and depending on the space your kitchen offers, go with selecting the cabinet. Your kitchen defines your status. Since it is a one-time investment choose from the best that is the Kutchina, modular kitchen in Kolkata.