This article is just for beginners or those who want to create a middleware for their Python Flask Application.

  1. Requirements
  2. What is middleware
  3. Why we need middleware
  4. Steps to create a Simple Middleware which call on every request.
  5. Is any other way to do the same Task like log every…

This article is mainly useful for mobile application developers who are planning to learn or create a micro service for their application.

I am going to explain “How to create a web service using Python framework ?“ Don’t worry if you don’t know Python!…

  • Why Python?
  • Why Flask?
  • Getting Start…

Most of the developers especially those who are specialized in web application development think that mobile application development is such an easy job to do and no need to do anything for the success of an application . …

Did you noticed that App store UI is same for a last few years and which is awesome also. But how will you implement App Store Like Image Animation in you application without too much efforts ?

I used a good library project to get the same UI in my…

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