Know A Few of The Breath-taking Must Visit Places In Kangra

Shivam Sharma

Kangra, which is popularly known as Land of Gods, is in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Undoubtedly, this lovely place has been considered as a true spiritual abode as this place has a lot of religious significance. Besides this unique feature, Kangra has many destinations to visit by the tourists who must visit here once at least in their lifetime. Many of the Best Hotels in Kangra offer daily tour packages, and one can get the best deal for visiting some of the amazing destinations which are discussed here.

Best Hotels in Kangra
Best Hotels in Kangra
  • Kangra Fort: Situated at the outskirts of the hill town Kangra, this large Kangra Fort has become a historical landmark in this lovely town. As per historians, this historic fort has witnessed many years of invasion, war, and grandeur. The origin of this fort can even be traced back to the erstwhile Trigarta Kingdom, which was also narrated in the epic Mahabharata. Being one of the oldest forts in India, this fort is also known for its amazing size and structure in the Himalayan region. A visit to Kangra valley is said to be incomplete if a tourist fails to visit this wonderful fort. Many of the 5 Star Garli Hotels include this fort in their daily-package trip for their guests.
  • Kareri Lake: If you are a nature and lake-view lover, you should not miss seeing this amazing lake, which is located in the Dhaulandhar ranges. This lake is also known as Kumarwah Lake and is around ten kilometres away from the popular town Dharamshala. This interesting destination also became the best trekking destination and thereby attracted many professional trekkers from all parts of the world. This lake is located at an altitude of over three thousand meters above sea level. Trekking near this lake is considered to be a much more peaceful experience for the first-time trekkers. This location can also be used as a picnic spot for the weekend getaway seekers.
  • Indrahar Pass: If you wish to enjoy an adventurous trekking experience, here is a great option waits for you. Being one of the breath-taking treks in this Himachal region, this stunning trail begins from Mcleodganj, through Lahesh and Triund Caves, and lasts around fifteen kilometres on a single way. During trekking, one can explore some of the amazing ranges, such as Pit Panjal and other smaller ranges. Undoubtedly, this pass has been considered as one of the best destinations in Kangra valley, and hence it should be missed by any adventurous traveller. Months between April and October seems to be the ideal time for trekking in this region.
  • Dhaulandhar Range: This Dhaulandhar Range is well known for its fencing the southern range of Himalayas. Reaching to its top of the peak is a great bliss for the trekkers. Among the professional trekkers, this is considered to be the most favourite trekking destinations with its highest peak being the popular Hanuman Ji Ka Tiba. Undoubtedly, the views from this peak are a visual treat for the trekkers as they just love it. Trekking can be done in all of the years, which is a real USP of this range. Local people here worship Goddess Dhaulandhar. Adventurous tourists should not miss this amazing range.
  • Chamunda Devi temple: Religious tourists should not miss visiting this wonderful temple, which is located at Chamunda Nandikeshwar. This shrine is dedicated to Durga Maa, the holy Goddess. Besides the main deity, there are other male Hindu deities worshipped here. One can have an amazing view of the Dhaulandhar ranges. This temple is located around ten kilometres away from the west of Palampur.
  • Palampur: Natural and tea lovers should visit this wonderful destination, which is a calm town and well known for its tea plantations. Tourists can visit the tea garden, which produces the world’s best quality of tea. This place is located around twenty-five kilometres away from Kangra town. Though this place was less explored, Britishers have made this place as a commercial centre. Tourists can buy fresh tea leaves from here. These leaves are being sold at lower prices.

More than the aforementioned destinations, there are many other places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Undoubtedly, Jwalamukhi Temple amazing hill station has managed to retain its gorgeousness with its scenic beauty all around. If you have not visited this stunning destination, it is time for you to add this place in your list while choosing your next family vacation and book Hotels Near Jwalamukhi Temple in Himachal Pradesh. If you love trekking, Kangra offers you the best option as you can pick a number of places for your trekking adventure. Whether you go for a business trip or a family vacation, Kangra provides many things to every visitor. It is up to you to make it and feel a unique experience in this wonderful hill town Kangra in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

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