Benefits Of Natural Mattress

If you are still using conventional mattress, it’s time to switch to an organic mattress. Chemical flame retardants of conventional mattress can cause skin irritation, allergy, cancer, respiratory problem, infertility, kidney damage and many more. Organic mattresses are free from harmful chemicals and toxic free. The main elements of natural mattresses are natural wool, organic cotton and horsehair. For this combination natural mattress is considered a better option for improving sleep and health. Organic mattresses are environment friendly too.

Health benefits of natural mattress are so many. Organic mattress are the best option for allergy sufferers. Dust is the biggest enemy of a person suffering from allergy. Elements of natural mattress does not catch dust like conventional one, so it works best for a person who is suffering from allergy and respiratory problem.

Organic properties of natural mattress make it anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant. These features make it a better option for people with asthma or sensitivities. It is advisable to buy certified natural mattress because all “eco-friendly” and “green” mattresses are not created equally.

Natural mattress is not treated with dangerous fire-retardant chemical and does not contain synthetic polyurethane. Though the mattress is not made up of harmful chemical natural mattress does not off gas. No off-gassing of fire retardant because wool acts as a natural fire retardant.

Sound sleep is another benefit when you replace your conventional mattress with natural one. Natural wool regulates body temperature and keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. Natural wool is able to absorb 30% of its weight in moisture. That is why with natural fiber sweat evaporates. But in case of synthetic mattress you may wake up feeling sticky, clammy and unrested. Synthetic mattress will give you feeling of sleeping on a plastic covered mattress.

Another best benefit of natural mattress according to the owners of natural mattresses report is that your spine is aligned all night as long as you sleep. Natural mattress contours to your body’s curvature.

Organic crib mattress is a better choice for baby. Regular tradition crib mattress contains toxic materials and chemicals like Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC). These chemical may cause asthma, obesity and other health condition. Organic crib mattresses are safe for babies. It does not contain any harmful chemical or man made additives. This is also free of dust mite and mold. Chances of having allergy, respiratory problem or other sensitivities are minimized with natural mattress.

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