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Did Keijo!!!!!!!! Help Elect Donald Trump?

The alt-right infiltration of anime disguises the plight of Rural White Males through cute anime girls.

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Nov. 9th, 2016 — thousands of people across America take to the streets to protest Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election. CNN, MSNBC, The Young Turks, The New York Times, FiveThirtyEight all with somber faces declare Trump to be the winner. Twitter and Facebook erupt with #NotMyPresident and the phrase “literally shaking” starts to trend. CBS depicts the thousands at the Hillary Clinton viewing party, all with sad faces, some crying, and others leaving. Meanwhile, an assistant pours Alex Jones another glass of champagne on national TV.

The calm before the storm

Let’s roll time back a few days. Nearly all the polls showed Clinton ahead, and whatever results depicted a Trump lead were tools of the alt-right and unscientific. The USC/LATimes poll was just a tools for measuring trends in voter preferences, and the IBD poll was funded by Republicans, and so should obviously be discredited.

Warriors vs Cavs? Rigged against Draymond Green. Cubs? Well baseball is most luck anyways. Brexit? That was an anomaly, and even then pollsters weren’t wrong, they were just misrepresented. Huffpo had Clinton leading Trump in 99% of its simulations. There was just no way that Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton. The media didn’t think he would win. The President didn’t think he would win. Facebook didn’t think he would win. Reddit didn’t think would win. George Soros didn’t think he would win. Julian Assange didn’t think he would win. Trump would never win, they said.

And they were all wrong. America has proven itself to be more misogynistic, racist, and bigoted than anyone could have predicted it to be. We were all wrong. Literally Hitler had been elected into office.

What is Keijo!!!!!!!!??

Keijo!!!!!!!! made its debut on Oct. 6, 2016. In the anime, Keijo is a fictional sport where scantily clad women attempt to push each other off floating platforms in a pool using nothing but their (very well animated and detailed) breasts and bums. Keijo!!!!!!!! tells the story of one girl, Kaminashi Nozomi, a 17 year old aspiring gymnast who has one goal: to become the richest Keijo athlete in the world. While we can simply write this anime off as just another misogynistic and deplorable attempt to objectify women, the true objective of Keijo!!!!!!!! is far more sinister.

The anime is available on the streaming service Crunchyroll in subtitled form only, and even if you don’t understand Japanese you’ll recognize that Kaminashi’s voice sounds out of the ordinary when in conversation with her fellow classmates. The Kansai accent is understood among anime aficionados to be a dialect used by hillbillies and the uneducated and Kaminashi sports her accent loudly and proudly. She’s unapologetic and unreserved about her brash manners and rural upbringing, unaware of the systemically racist mindset that she grew up with.

Who watches this crap?

Who is Keijo!!!!!!!! meant for? Some might say that it’s a show where guys get to perv on teenage anime girls (a concept deplorable by its own right). Advocates attempt to justify the existence of such a tasteless piece of garbage by claiming that Keijo!!!!!!!! represents feminism as it not only features a strong independent young woman who has her own dreams and inspirations, but passes the Bechdel test easily and with flying colors.

But are these really women who are interacting with women? How can such a sexist anime pass the Bechdel test, the paragon of litmus tests for feminist literature?

Because Kaminashi Nozomi is not a female. She might look like one. She might be voiced by one. But Kaminashi Nozomi is not a woman. She does not represent all that women want. She does not represent the strong independent businesswoman or CEO. She does not represent the woman lawyer or the woman doctor. Rather, Kaminashi Nozomi is all that’s wrong with society, the White Male.

The White Male

The White Male is deplorable. That isn’t a question. The Rural White Male cares only about themselves. The White Male does things for themselves. The White Male dreams the American Dream, eventually hoping to make it big through competition and knocking people off the totem pole of society to squeeze their way up to the top. To the White Male, what matters is the end result, not how many they’ve oppressed to get there.

And that is who Kaminashi Nozomi is. Keijo is not a sport where losers are treated well. It’s a sport where one quite literally sinks everyone else to be at the top. Other ‘girls’ in Keijo!!!!!!!! have dreams. They have aspirations. They have goals in life. Kaminashi’s goal? To get the money, regardless of the ambitions of others.

Only a White Male would have such ambitions. Only a White Male would be ok with crushing the dreams of thousands of young kids in search of riches. Not a woman.

Kaminashi is not a woman. She’s a deplorable — a White Male.


Keijo!!!!!!!!’s main character is a bold signal to those on the alt-right. Do whatever you want to get to the top.

In fact, upon closer examination, Kaminashi appears to be Donald Trump. From the beginning, the press were all calling her a nobody. She was shunned and said to be of no importance. Reporters called her success a stroke of luck. Others laughed at her. She’s rude, uneducated, arrogant, and braggadocious.

Remember, Huffington Post had Trump polling at less than 1% for the Republican nomination in 2015.

Kaminashi serves as a reminder to all White Males —it’s okay to push other people off the platform for personal gain. As long as you win in the end, that is. Do whatever you want.

The Bad Guys

As a male viewer, you are expected to identify with Kaminashi. Keijo!!!!!!!! makes you sympathize with Kaminashi, a “poor rural girl coming from a poor rural community with large dreams”, without you realizing how regressive these “poor rural communities” tend to be in real life. You are led to believe in the White Male’s journey. You are led to believe that the Elites are the enemy.

Throughout Keijo!!!!!!!!, Kaminashi stresses the importance of defeating those more Elite than her. But who are the Elites?

The Liberals, the Democrats, the Blue side. It’s the Liberal Elite who’s the enemy. You the White Male are the good guy, and them the Liberal Elite are the enemy. Not only that, you are made to believe that even if you are part of the Liberal Elite, it’s not too late to change. Red is good. Blue is bad. The Regular People (who in actuality are racist, bigoted, evil White Males) are preferable to the smugness of the Liberal Elite. The Regular People are honest workers, honest students, and honest people. You should strive to be a Regular Person. If you aren’t, you’re evil, evil, evil.

Until you overthrow the Elite, that is. Then you’ll be a force of good again.

Just like Donald, Kaminashi attempts to push the Liberal Elites off their golden pedestals by replacing them with the students from the regular class. You are led to believe that somehow, these Regular People would be more moral, more correct, more just than the evil, evil Liberal Elites that run the institution. You, who has been brainwashed into identifying with these Regular People, believe that even if you regress back into the position of a Liberal Elite you’ll still be a more honest and ethical person than anyone else. No, you are more honest and ethical because you took this journey.

The Fallout

As of January 2016, Crunchyroll had over 20 million accounts. Over 75% of their viewers are millennials, the voters Hillary desperately tried to win over. Keijo!!!!!!!! is one of their most popular shows this Fall anime season.

How many of them have been brainwashed? How many of them were deceived by Keijo!!!!!!!!, and either consciously or unconsciously decided to forgo the polls just this time? What part of the population was tricked by this deplorable, deplorable cartoon?

Unfortunately it will be impossible to know.

There’s only one thing we can do as proper citizens of America who are against Islamophobia, homophobia, bigotry, fascism, and quite literally Nazis.

Spread the word out. Retweet this article. Share it to your social justice minded friends. Go write to your representative today and ask them to ban Keijo!!!!!!!! from the internet in your state today. Contact Crunchyroll and tell them that this sort of bigotry will not be permitted in this country.

We will not let Keijo!!!!!!!! ruin America any further.

It’s time to take action.

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Canadian Lawyer specializing in Japanese Criminal Law

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