The alt-right infiltration of anime disguises the plight of Rural White Males through cute anime girls.

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Nov. 9th, 2016 — thousands of people across America take to the streets to protest Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election. CNN, MSNBC, The Young Turks, The New York Times, FiveThirtyEight all with somber faces declare Trump to be the winner. Twitter and Facebook erupt with #NotMyPresident and the phrase “literally shaking” starts to trend. CBS depicts the thousands at the Hillary Clinton viewing party, all with sad faces, some crying, and others leaving. Meanwhile, an assistant pours Alex Jones another glass of champagne on national TV.

The calm before the storm

Let’s roll time back a few days. Nearly all the polls showed Clinton ahead, and whatever results depicted a Trump lead were tools of the alt-right and unscientific. The USC/LATimes poll was just a tools for measuring trends in voter preferences, and the IBD poll was funded by Republicans, and so should obviously be discredited. …


Cecil Sudo

Canadian Lawyer specializing in Japanese Criminal Law

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