Dtec Entrepreneur Day 2017

When you think about it, the world is crammed with great products that we take for granted, but that were once non-existent until they were dreamed up by a budding entrepreneur. From the postage stamp to the jet engine, and the cheeseburger to the microchip, radical inventions by brilliant minds have changed the way we live our lives and shape our future. In recognition of these people, Dtec (Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Center) organized a two-day event know as Entrepreneur Day 2017 on 15th November that gathers the best and brightest from the MENA startup scene to Dtec.

When we hear about something like Entrepreneur Day, the first thought that crosses our minds is “it will be boring, there will be nothing that interests me as an entrepreneur, everything will be related to some business topic”. To be honest, this phrase had come to my mind many times before registering for an event like this. For the first time, I was literally surprised after I went through the agenda, it was the perfect mix of talks and workshops and had the perfect balance i.e interesting for both business and tech individuals.

I think we IBMers have something in our DNA which forces us to deliver something really cool and interesting to the community and as IBM was one of the companies supporting Dtec Entrepreneur Day 2017, we aimed to do that.

We started our mission by participating in a panel discussion on “Creating A Smart Government On Blockchain” where Saqr Ereiqat — a blockchain evangelist from IBM Middle East and Africa enlightened attendees what IBM is doing for this initiative. I must say after the talk I was really proud of being an IBMer, that we at IBM are doing so much with the government to make the life of the citizen easy and peaceful. Our next checkpoint was to teach attendees about IBM Cloud and enable them to develop a cool and interesting application and enhance their startups with the services available. We conducted five different workshops, starting with Introduction to IBM Cloud and it’s services followed by Building Powerful AI Enabled Applications with Watson APIs, Connecting all the Things with IBM IoT, Data Science, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning, and Intro to IBM Blockchain. All the workshops were the perfect mixture of theory and code lab as we wanted the attendees to not just to listen to the concept, but to build something which really enables them to understand & implement the technology.

Now, for the best part, after the workshops, I saw people experimenting with services on the cloud and talking about the cool stuff they could build using the services.

Apart from this, we also had a really cool demo know as WatsonJR ( a TJ Bot project), an intelligent chatbot which was programmed to imitate the cognition of a 5-year old child. I must say this was one of the coolest demos we’ve built for this event attendees literally came to our booth just to interact with the bot and see how it responds to different questions. They really interested in understanding how we build TJ bot and what Watson technologies we were using. I remember some people saying we really want to implement these technologies in our startup and we hope to do that same. We have recently signed a MoU with Dtec (Dubai technology entrepreneur center) and have agreed to have office hours to help the startups build their product using IBM Cloud service.

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