What can we do ?

When the evening sun prepares to sleep, I tend to retrospect my day. It’s wonderful when you know what you know you can do, and you also know what you can’t do.

This understanding of yourself, is very critical to be successful and doing so we find our mistakes, our failures. Our self esteem moves up towards the infinite peak of perfection.

It’s really so darn simple.

I will walk out some points I do to know myself, and doing so, I keep my calm and stress in minimal levels.

  1. Think of your words that left your tongue, which might have hurt others.
  2. Think of your actions, that left your other social half hurt.
  3. Think of your health, that keeps you doing awesome stuff.
  4. Think of your relations, who are with you, in most critical times.
  5. Think of your parents, for they are always, always for you.
  6. Think of your life, where will time take it, but don’t worry about the future.


You are so awesome.

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