Becoming 25 years old
Sydney Lai

Welcome to the world of the quarter life crisis. I don’t know one person who hasn’t been in your shoes, myself included.

Every teenage angsty premonition and aspiration came raining down as soon as the earth passed 25 laps around the sun. Then, I realized that the thing we attach to 25 or 30 seems to only be significant because we count with 5 fingers and that revolutions around the helios seem to dictate a larger passing of time. What I mean to say is that everything in counting time and how you feel about yourself is arbitrary: they don’t have to line up.. Some people on their 25th lap are as young and spritely as a high school freshman and some who are born on the exact same day are thrilled by the notion of retiring home by 7pm to watch Netflix.

So I guess the most important thing is to evaluate our souls and if we’re happy with our problems at hand. You can only beat yourself up with self doubt if you are in the pursuit of looking at others for markers of affirmation.

Sydney: ask yourself the $10 Billion question:

Are you still getting carded to get alcohol? Are you happy when you do?

Also, how can you share emotions of being lonely when you know I’m a few blocks away? Girl, there are summer blockbusters that we have to watch! Grab your popcorn.