Turn Around a Bad Day (How-To)

Have you ever had your day end on a bad note? A bad note that carries into your evening but leaves you wondering why it ended on a negative note? A feeling like you didn’t get anything done that day?

That happens to me more than I would like. One thing that gets me down is a feeling of lack of progress, feeling like I didn’t advance at all that day, time wasted. I hate it!

So this particular day was like most and I looked at the clock and realized it was quitting time, where did the time go I thought? I quickly wrapped up what I was working on so that I could get home in time for dinner with the family(a huge priority for me). On the drive home my mind kept spinning on the things that felt undone. A common feeling when I am working right up until I have to head home.

The feeling persisted and took a negative toll on my evening. It wasn’t until I was in line at the store, waiting to pickup some medication at the pharmacy (alone, with no kids in tow, a rarity), that I decided to reflect on the day. I took out my phone, tapped the Notes app and made a list of the following…

  • What did I accomplish?
  • Why did I feel stressed?
  • What I need to do tomorrow?

I quickly typed out the first list of accomplishments and felt instantly better. I did get something done today. Moving onto the next list and it was surprisingly short. Why was I stressed if I didn’t have a long list of legitimate stressors? The last list brought it all full circle…stressed about something? Get it done tomorrow. Boom!

This simple trick was a great relief to turning my day around. I hope it helps you!

Thank you for reading. If you found this useful please pass it along to someone that you know that it might also help. Feel free to leave a comment as well, I will try and respond as I am able :)

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