Joy fishing at home

The weather forecast said rain. You know how it is with toddlers…you need to come up with a new ‘game’ that keeps them entertained ever so often. So I browsed through Pinterest and decided on this one. Seemed fairly simple. You can try it too. All you need is: thread, a stick from the garden, an old magazine, a magnet and some paper clips.

Take some thread and tie one end of it to the stick and the other end to the piece of magnet like this:

Next you cut out tiny fish from different pages of the magazine that have colourful spaces. Below you can see a turquoise fish I have cut out

Slip on the paper clips to the fish and there you go… you’re all set to teach your toddler to fish

If you would like , you could paint the stick just to make it look interesting. I just painted it white and then made a few scribbles with some neon markers

Here’s a glimpse of how happy my little one was

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