How We Broke Democracy (But Not in the Way You Think)
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

I totally disagree. The news media is bought and paid for. It is not for nothing that they call one of them — well we won’t go there. Disagree with points of view (this can no longer be called news stories) and post links to videos? Deleted. One side is villified for mocking a disabled news reported. Doesn’t matter that others who are not disabled get equal opportunity to get mocked with the same gestures. The other side? Whoa, how many people know about this? And not just once was this done.

One side made private talk in private, didn’t realize there was audio. The other side visited an island (6 times) where young people were pressured. Guess which candidate got vilified. Aren’t voters concerned about this?

One candidate is said to be funded by a foreign billionaire who has a nasty reputation. This candidate is also on video as saying the exact opposite at different times on different videos. How many people know about this? This candidate is on record as saying they have one opinion for the public and another privately. How many potential voters know? Don’t they care when the candidate actually says on video “people have to change their religious beliefs”?

Voting machines are found to be rigged (the billionaire at work again, who puts the machines in). People vote for one candidate and it turns to the other right in front of their disbelieving eyes. What kind of a president will a person like this be, that accepts this being done.

Voters of Elections Past voted for the best candidate, the most ethical. This election was unique in that people did not vote for a candidate. They voted against the worst candidate. Some voted for the one that will keep America safe.

What is puzzling, don’t voters realize how bad one of them is? Haven’t they viewed the videos? It is proof right there. If they saw, then do they choose not to believe.

Much has been made of letting illegals into our country. One candidate wants open borders. The other not so much. If all these people come here, collect welfare, receive social security right away, take our jobs, what is left for us? And our kids? Public transportation that is so badly needed by the poor is being cut even stopped. No money. Our schools are in trouble, but money that could help there is instead being turned over to illegals.

Half of the country doesn’t even realize this. Parents are yelled for having more kids than they can afford, and this is a valid point. Yet the same people who are yelling, want more illegals to come here and help themselves to America’s bank. When people have to choose between eating at the end of the month or buying their pills then this is bad. And half the voters in our country do not realize social services is being cut to turn the money to illegals. Or do they know and understand but choose the candidate that will continue to do so? Our own kids should come first. If you invite illegals here and your kids safety and future is compromised as a result — then did you vote for the right candidate?

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