Something wonderful is about to happen.

Something wonderful is about to happen.
I do not know this as I stir in the cavern made by my pillows,
My heart is sighing, with the knowing of a new day’s start.

Dread, and gloom, and tragic thoughts of bad memories threaten
to spill into this new morning, but suddenly I hear
The whisper of something hopeful, “Good morning beautiful.”

“I love you.”

And my heartbeat quickens, because it is the voice of my Lord
Promising me a new day to start right anew,
White new shoes, and a clean new slate
“You are alive for a reason, here’s the grace to begin again.”

I sit up and look out of the window, my room overlooking
A beautiful landscape of fauna and tiny houses under a light fog
The sun sparkles in the distance as it peeks out from beneath the clouds
And the voice repeats, with more insistence (and I swear, with a smile), “I love you.”

Right there my eyes brim with tears, though I know not why I am crying
But I just know that it is a blessing to be right here, right now
To be adored by the one who adorned
The world with such beauty, just for me.

Later I step out into the sun, and it’s basically just another day
To the others but I know it’s not true
He has given me a new day to fulfil my purpose
Oh, what privilege it is to work every day just for You!

It seems like an ordinary day, but I just know…
Something wonderful is about to happen.

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