I don’t even know you
The one who sits right next to me today.
When what seems like ages ago
We were an atom of affection, unbreakable
as we went on our way.
It was just a turnaround of a day
And yet you suddenly transformed into a stranger
Back into the person I know not
The person I once trusted is now dead.

I can’t understand this
And how I’m expected to go on as though
We never had an issue with becoming just friends.
How can I be friends — — -
When we have so much left unsaid between us
That you’ll never want to say to me?
And I’ll never say back to you? (Although I want to..)

This is not fair, to expect us to be all right
And me, blinded by rage,
All I want is to never speak to you again.
It will be so much easier to know you no longer
It will be better off for me if our past was simply erased.

And yet.

I hear a call from above to hang on,
And pull through the moments I wish I was gone.
I don’t understand this, logic tells me
I should simply delete the entire memory.
(Why should I even keep this when you don’t even seem to care?)

But what’s above isn’t logic, and He says
To be strong and courageous, in spite of my pain
I’m powerless — but through him, it’s different
I’m such a fool — though through him, I’m a victor

I cannot fathom why I must meet your coldness with my grace.
And I can only pray that while we wait for a miracle
My desperation takes me closer to him,
Closer face to face.