by sueannlow

November is here. In many four seasonal countries, this month is a season for fall/autumn.

I associate myself to this particular month specially as it is a magical season which I was born. Many can quickly relate November’s babies to Valentine’s Day and indeed I was romantically created to this world, not specifically on Valentine’s Day itself, but still…

I have this set of outfit for your inspirational style guide if you are going to travel during this season or simply staying in Singapore while getting with the trend. This wine color cold shouldered flare sleeved dress is a trendy piece. The choker-neckline has added a twist to the design. A pair of earthy dark brown boots from Timberland allows you to carry the style casually without overdoing.

At The Warehouse Hotel at Roberson Quay, Singapore.

Unexpectedly the sun rays had turned my hair dusty purple and gray — a color that is very on demand recently.

Toby’s Estate Cafe
The Halloween deco is still on when we visited this cafe randomly.
November on table #11.

This cafe is promoting a pair of specially designed shoe from Clark. All the staffs are wearing the shoe for uniformity and sending resonance of them in line with the brand.

Just so you know, he is the person behind these shots. :)

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