Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

I’ll admit I’m BernieorBust right now. I have never worked so hard for a candidate to be nominated for anything….particularly POTUS. My biggest fear of voting for HRC is that it sends a message to the two party cabals that their corruption, their cheating (wikileaks) is acceptable and we condone such behavior. Another reason is that I have a trust problem with her. She says things people want to hear to get our approval. Such an example is the TPP. Recent info (Terry Mcauliffe) states that she will switch her disdain for this trade deal and “tweak” it for passage. It bothers me.

However, I will think long and hard about my vote, and not be a petulant child who has lost the most important race of her lifetime. I will seriously consider my options….I’m leaning toward Dr. Jill Stein. Thank you for a great article that has my brain racing ;-).


An extremely, and I mean extremely, liberal 49 year old hippie